Mid-Term Not-so-Inconsequential Experience

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    Rosa Long

    As I thought about what I wanted to do for my mid-term assignment, I thought of a goal for my health coaching business. I wrote down on December 9th how grateful I was for all the clients that eagerly reach out to me to get healthy. It just wasn't happening and I didn't do anything about it until it was the last 4 days of December. I realized that my true goal was not new clients but to qualify for an all-expense-paid Caribbean cruise that me and Brian could go on in March 2019. Then I remembered how Leslie taught we need to visualize the end goal not the tasks needed to achieve the goal (plus you can't impose on other people's wills).

    "March 17, 2019, I am so grateful that Brian and I are enjoying this Caribbean cruise." I then visualized and felt gratitude and the calmness and stress-free feeling as I saw us walking hand in hand on the ship.

    I QUALIFIED AT 12:30 PM DECEMBER 31, 2018.

    I have such great hopes for 2019 as practice these success principles!

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    Colleen C

    I love this! A principle I am working on. Too often I have spent so much time on the tasks that I forgot about the real goal.

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