"Midterm" assignment completed in the form of a Snickers Bar

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    For the Chapter 12 midterm assignment where we had to visualize and accomplish something small, I visualized myself eating a Snickers Bar. I told myself I wasn’t going to pay for it, because I had already gone to the grocery store for the week and I wasn’t planning on going back. What I visualized was myself eating the snickers bar, not obtaining it. So I was surprised when dinner was all ready and I went to get the final ingredient out of the fridge and I realized the cresenct rolls I absolutely needed had been put in the freezer. I had to have the cresenct rolls for dinner, which was about ready. So I ended up going to the grocery store and while I was there I got me a snickers bar. This was not the way I thought I would obtain it, but I didn’t exactly visualize that part. What I did viszualize was me eating a snickers bar and that came true.

    Although the snickers bar is what I did for the midterm I do have a much better story that happened a few weeks earlier. A while ago, I was trying to downloard something on my computer. I had misplaced the flash drive and I really needed it. I had no idea where in the house it could be. So I sat down I visualized myself finding it and putting it in the computer and completing my project. After I visualized I ate lunch, the whole time I was thinking about where the flash drive was. As soon as I finished eating, I got up walked to the dresser, opened the drawer and there it was. In an absolutely obscure spot where I never would have put it or even thought to look, but I was guided right to where it was. I was so amazed and greatful.

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    These are great examples – I think it’s great especially because you didn’t throw away your Snicker’s success even though it didn’t happen the way you expected it to… it’s such a small distinction, but it’s important to step back and recognize that we get what we want, because we gravitate toward what we picture. When we decidedly picture what we want, things sort of begin to line up for it. What you’ve accomplished shows that you’re learning how to intentionally avoid picturing the things you don’t want – as is so common, and replacing those thoughts with what you want your OUTCOMES to really be.

    I had to smile about your flash drive story, because oh how common it is to lose those things!!! Very cool that you found it so quickly.

    Well done!


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