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    I am looking to moved into a new department and role at work. I was told almost 9 months ago that HR and Operations were working on a transition plan. I have heard nothing in regards to the "transition" in the past 9 months. Though it is not inconsequential, I decided to picture myself being offered the new position. Yesterday I walked up to a conversation that HR was having with my supervisors. In the which, HR asked for them to get together and write up the duties and responsibilities for the same role that I am currently in. HR didn't say a replacement for me but the new hire would have the exact role I now hold. I was able to see that as HR starting to look for my replacement.

    Later in the day I had the rare opportunity to see the manager of the new role. Because I had visualized being offered the job and hearing that conversation with HR, I had the confidence to approach this manager and ask him if he has heard anything about the transition plan. He let me know that he was given a time frame of the first quarter of this year. He offered to have a conversation with HR to see where we are at since we are nearing the end of the first quarter.

    I know that I did not fully realize my goal, but in the day that I set the goal and visualized being offered the job, I learned more about the status than I have in 9 months. To me that is a success.

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