Midterm Experience

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    Paula Skeen

    I couldn't figure out where a crafting marker was for a project I had a deadline to finish. I looked around in all the places I thought it could/should be, with no luck. After I studied the lesson, in module 12, which invited me to experiment, I decided to see if it would help me recover my blue marker.
    I visualized and thought about how the marker looked and how it would feel to be holding it in my hand, completing the project I needed it for. I felt gratitude for finding it and not spending any more time looking for it, so the time could be spent on the project. I was away from home, at the time, so when I returned home, my tendency was to frantically start looking again. I told myself to STOP. Let my brain and body relax and just let any ideas come into my mind that might help me. Within a minute or two, I walked right over to a container that held my marker. Gratitude and relief spread over me that I had the marker in hand, and could continue doing what I needed to meet my deadline.

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