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    For the past week I have looked for a blue Adidas back-pack with Suntan Essentials (eye wear, lotion, towel) and my key to Planet Fitness as well as my key to Lifetime Fitness.
    I have gone through every storage container both in the garage and in our two basement storage rooms and could not find the bag.
    After reading this assignment I knew that I could find the bag if I would just picture the bag, mentally handle each item, give gratitude that I had already found them, visualized a little more and went looking again.
    In the garage I looked again in two green storage containers – the one that was on top was empty and the bottom one contained a few other bags of sorts. On the very bottom was my bag that I could not find. This took me about 3 or 4 minutes.
    I had previously looked there – WOW!!! This was gratitude day as well as a celebration day!

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      Mid-Course Feedback
      This School of Life Mastery has made a marked difference of me really looking at my thoughts on a minute by minute basis. I am now very conscious of being positive in my thoughts and actions.
      Thinking way above what I thought possible - using the laws (the ones that I know) to create new ideas and possibilities - well, its life changing and I totally love our guided class that meets once a week.
      Giving gratitude, visualizing what I want and keeping the faith that what I want will certainly come about is amazing. I then go to work to show my faith that I know it will happen. That is totally exciting to me! When I add emotion and excitement to the formula it really gets so much better.

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