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    I had an inconsequential goal set for my experience and it hasn’t happened yet but I had and experience today that was just as good and it taught me some important things about the process. A big one was that I don’t have to use this process for things I plan ahead. I can do it “on the fly” so to speak. I’m sure that is obvious to some people but I just wasn’t looking at it that way.
    I was getting ready to shampoo my carpet, turned on the machine (a rug doctor) and the water wouldn’t come out. I fiddled around with it and unhooked the water hose and hooked it back up several times but nothing was working. I was getting frustrated so I stopped and said a little prayer. Then I proceeded to imagine how wonderful it was to be cleaning my carpet. I could feel it, smell it, hear it. I started the machine again and nothing. I realized I was missing something. My ultimate goal was a clean carpet. I imagined how much I love my clean carpet. I could see how great it looked and felt and smelled and my stairs looked like new. The stairs made me remember my hand tool. I thought it might work which would be better than nothing. I hooked it up to the machine and realized the water hose hooked up better than the one on the machine. I took it off, hooked the machine back up and realized I had been hooking it up just slightly wrong. I needed to see the difference in order to realize what I was doing wrong. Turned it on and success!!
    I learned the importance of keeping the ultimate goal in mind. Simple experience but it left me feeling super excited!

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