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    Instructions for sharing Midterm Experiences, Mid-Course Feedback, and End-of-Course Comments

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    Midterm Experiences

    Goals are set more confidently and accomplished with greater predictability if intentional success is first experienced with something 'small'. It is truly powerful to see – and recognize – a direct connection between your thoughts and results!

    Once you've completed Lesson 12, you're ready for your first experiment. You were instructed to choose a goal – something inconsequential, which carries no past history or internal wrestle, and follow the lesson instructions to achieve success with that goal.

    Share your Midterm Experience by clicking HERE (opens in a new window) and scrolling down until you see "Create New Topic". Give it a title that reflects your unique story ("Cool bird story", "My husband didn't think it would work", etc.), and then share the details of your experience in the text field beneath your title.

    Mid-Course Feedback

    Once you have completed Phase 1, you will have likely experienced some shifts. What do you think of the program so far? Share your Mid-Course Feedback by Clicking HERE (opens in a new window).

    End of Course Comments

    Congratulations on completing the program! Please share your End-of-Course Feedback by Clicking HERE (opens in a new window).

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    Laura Da Silva

    I really enjoyed this course as I was able to learn so much about my subconscious and that there are terror barriers to break through to get to our goals instead of retreating. Learning about the laws was also very helpful in understanding obstacles.

    Thank you!!!!

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