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    So I struggled with figuring out something inconsequential for this experience. I kept feeling like I shouldn't ask for these laws to work unless it was a "worthy" goal. I worked through that as I realized it was a worthy goal to test these laws and see how it works and test my faith. So I initially thought about an email course I had signed up for but never got Lesson #2 & #3. I briefly imagined getting those two missing emails in inbox. However I decided that it wasn't inconsequential enough. So I decided I wanted to see the numbers 11:11 three times in a week. I wanted it be an unintentional glance at the clock kind of experience. The first two times I randomly glanced at the clock during the day and saw 11:11 happened by day 3. I started feeling anxiety that I wouldn't reach my goal so I saw 11:11 on the clock day 5 but felt too forced so I didn't count it. A couple days ago I saw the date 11/11 but it also felt forced. So I had to regroup and re-imagine my goal. Last night I had a dream I randomly saw 11:11 in a dream, haha. Well today while helping in my daughters class I quickly looked at my phone for the time and saw 11:11! I was so happy and grateful it works even if I was late a couple of days past my week goal! As a little side note during this last week, my sister told me she had signed up for the same email course I had. She sent me the two lessons I was missing. I was amazed I accomplished both my goals!! It works!

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      Awesome! I love it đŸ™‚

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