Midterm--Pigs in a Basket

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    Like many of you, I tried a few different things before I had success. I tried finding scissors but once I found them I didn't really feel successful; it seemed to ordinary and too easy. I tried attracting some Korean kimchi dumplings that haven't been in stock in any of the stores I frequent for quite a few months, but apparently I have some real emotional attachment to those dumplings and had to let that one go (they are SO GOOD!! 🙂 ).
    I feel ready to move on to lesson 13, so I decided that I was going to have success with this midterm experiment by the end of the week. I thought it would be fun to see someone moving livestock on the back of their motorbike by the end of our family's spring break road trip. We live in Vietnam and people move EVERYTHING by motorbike (including pianos). I had seen lots of impossible inanimate objects moved by moto, but I wanted to see how they would manage moving live things!
    I imagined myself witnessing the animals on the bike and laughing and pointing it out to my children. I imagined the delight that I would feel. I imagined different kinds of animals--cows, goats, sheep. No chickens though, chickens are too common.
    Each day of the trip passed and I didn't see any animals of any kind. I found myself creating exceptions to the rule in my mind..."If I see this...would it count?" I decided that I did not need an exception, I WOULD manifest someone transporting livestock by motorbike! And I imagined again what it would look like and how it would feel.
    Today was the last day of our trip. I was driving along on my motorbike, relishing the breathtaking scenery, feeling joyful and alive. On this portion of the drive I did not have my boys with me, so any nervous energy I have when driving with them was freed up to just experience enjoyment.

    I came up behind a woman who had three cylindrical baskets on the back of her motorbike. I looked closer because I hadn't seen anything quite like them before. And as I looked closer I saw an ear, a snout and a little black eye staring back at me. There were three pigs in chinese-finger-trap style baskets on the back of her moto! I started shouting and whooping in exhilaration! I was so delighted!! Here I was, almost home, and my goal was reached! Not only that, it would have been so so easy not to notice them. My husband drove past the same motorbike and neither he nor my boys noticed it. It filled me with excitement for the goals I would reach using these laws! I had to pull my husband over on his bike so that I could report on my success!
    Now I wonder if someone in that small Vietnamese village had set an intention to see a white lady on a motorbike go crazy, because if so, I helped them reach their goal today! 😉

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