Midterm- We saved $300!

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    Candace Deselms

    My 12 year old has been talking to me incessantly this past year about learning to build his own gaming computer. I intially told him he'd have to save up for the whole thing, but eventually felt strongly prompted that I needed to pay for half because he needed this learning opportunity as a confidence builder. We wrote down everything on his wish list, at the best prices we could find, and the list came out to $1,010. I told him we really needed to get his list below $700. For the sake of my midterm not taking forever, I set a 2 week deadline to find everything we needed for $700 or less. I looked up parts every day and didn't see any good sales. I really had to focus on dismissing thoughts that I was being unrealistic to get everything for $310 less without having to settle for lower spec parts. Amazon Prime Day came and we were secretly hoping for a great sale on parts, but sadly there wasn't. I did good about not giving up on my goal, but I couldn't see how it would all work out. The only way I could stay positive was to let go of the outcome and I just envisioned us being very happy with our purchase, whatever it ended up being. I stopped fixating on that $700 number and I stopped adding up the cost for each possible build senario. I decided to just sit down and buy the best parts we could as we found them on sale and to just believe it would all work out nicely. We continued to look for parts and found a better CPU on sale for the same price as the one we had originally wanted. It wasn't going to save us money, but at least it was a better one. Then we found a rebate and coupon code for the exact graphics card that he wanted, which saved us $100! We found decent sales (not amazing, but better than we had seen before) on the rest of his parts. My son also read many reviews about building a gaming computer and determined that he didn't actually need as many GB Memory as he originally thought he did and so we cut out $80 of expenses that way, but it was ok because he still felt very good about the one we bought. Then I found a free 2yr trial for shoprunner- which got us free shipping! As we were buying everything, I didn't even add up the costs as we went- which is not like me at all!!! After everything was purchased, I added it all up and the total (including tax/shipping) was $722. I was actually surprised and very pleased to only be $22 over. However, I was still dissapointed that I didn't quite meet my $700 goal. Then I realized my son got a $20 Steam code (for a free game) with one of the purchases. Although I still had to spend this up front, if we factor that $20 into the deal- then the total cost of the computer was $702. I realized that I never visualized the dollar amount I would actually spend and I never visualized if my $700 budget included just parts or if it also included tax. I just visualized that the computer would only cost that much!

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    Ha! I love it! I love how you stopped focusing on the details and just proceeded the best you knew how as you went, keeping the end in mind and trusting and hoping it would all work out. That's how it's done!

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