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    emailed to Leslie 5/28/07

    I have read your Jack Rabbit Book which was great and just finished Hidden Treasures which was awesome and will definitely be rereading it and using it as my compass. I have also this past year taken Rebecca Fine’s ecourse The Science of Getting Rich.

    I am in a consumer direct marketing business called Melaleuca: The Wellness Company. At present I am at a Senior Director 3 status and my most immediate goal is to achieve a Executive Director status by June 30/07. This has been my goal since last August, 2006 and it will take a miracle for me to achieve it in the next 1 ½ months.

    I truly believe I have been following the Universal Principles, I do feel it is on its way, but I seeing how others advance their businesses so quickly and after 2 1/2 years of consistently building a Melaleuca business, I'm baffled why I'm not further head. I am surrending to God and know it's coming on His time not mine and continue to be patient.

    But am I missing something?

    Thank you for your time!

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    I have a further question on this. How do we distinguish between setting a goal that is specific, and setting a goal that is the core of what we really want? Let me explain...

    I have found that to achieve a goal you need to get really specific about what it is you really want. Do you really want to reach a certain pin level within your company - or is it recognition or the residual income that you want? Because if it's the residual income or the recognition that we want, then shouldn't that be our goal - just in case there's a better way for that money or recognition to come to us than reaching a certain pin level within a certain company?

    When we were trying to sell our house in Arizona a year ago, my goal was to sell the house. I was really frustrated that it wasn't happening. Then I realized that what I really wanted was the money from selling the house, and not to have to make two house payments. When I switched to what I really wanted, the money that we needed showed up - from a source other than our house! Having that extra money helped me get into a place of complete peace and gratitude regarding our house, and then it sold!

    Looking forward to your answer!

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    emailed to Leslie 6/21/07

    Thanks! I have to tell you my business is skyrocketing right now and I am having a blast. I feel so relaxed and have a deep knowing that all I need is on its way! Thank you for helping me take another step to enlightenment.

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    I see you're right in the middle of the Hidden Treasures ecourse... soon you should be getting a reminder on the law of Gestation… but until then, when things don’t happen when you want them to, THAT is when the laws of thought are most critical.

    Be genuinely grateful that they didn’t happen on time, trusting that there is a good reason and that you’ll be better off for waiting. It could mean that there is more action required on your part. It could be that you have more opportunity to find peace and happiness right here and now just the way things are …first.

    Use the law of relativity in your favor, instead of against yourself by refusing to compare yourself to anyone else, and only use your own performance in the past as a benchmark for progress.

    You’re on the right track… as you get puzzled and have new questions, continue in patience knowing that your path will be revealed to you sometimes only one step at a time. One day you’ll look back and understand why you had to wait, and you’ll be grateful that it happened just the way it did. Allow yourself to enjoy the gratitude now for how you’ll feel then.

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