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    Tina Bonelli

    Dear Leslie,
    I am hoping this will serve your work in the “Tender Mercies” category. I first learned of you when I attended a conference in the fall of 2014 at UVU in Provo. I attended your class, and your presentation was about the universal laws. I was in network marketing for years, and had heard so many people talk about the universal laws, and even had one of my upline who had worked closely with Bob Proctor, and it just still didn’t click with me. I even read Sterling W. Sill’s books on them, and, while those helped my belief level a bit, it still seemed quite unattainable to me, and the focus just felt a bit off. When I attended your workshop at the conference, I did feel something click. It just all felt a bit “too good to be true.” Not real. Not possible.
    I divorced in 2008 after 30 years of marriage, and no full time employment during most of those years, as I was a stay-at-home mother by choice. (Feel free to edit any of this out, I just wanted you to know where I am coming from.) I had SOME residual income from my NWM business, although I’d had a mass exodus from my team that reduced it significantly. I have no spousal support (that’s another story, but a very spiritual one), and it took me 2 ½ years to find employment. That was a sales position, and it was just too stressful for me at that stage of my life to not have a certain amount I could count on. At age 60, 4 years ago, I became employed where I am now. I make $15 an hour, but I have really good benefits, and I am “making it,” but really not with anything left over. I am 100% faithful in my tithes and offerings, as I cannot imagine keeping God out of my finances. I struggle with what my tradeoffs are… I really like the work I do here, but I definitely am also weary of the financial stress. I have ZERO savings, retirement, own no property, and I have a huge IRS debt. I do have a payment agreement, though, thankfully. However, I also know that Heavenly Father has never left my side, and I have seen many, many miracles and tender mercies. But, I want to get out of “barely making it.” I know I can.
    I am a HUGE believer in gratitude, and its power to shift energy and bring blessings. I have consciously practiced it for years, and it really helped me through the trauma of what lead to the divorce, and through the transition to a new life.
    I know there is a work I am meant to do, and I am working on myself to get over my fear of giving up my anonymity. I have never NOT had a company name to hide behind, and it’s scary to me to have my name on it. But I suspect that you had the same issue… I could be wrong, but with your quiet nature, I have wondered.
    When you sent out the podcast entitled “Belief Breakthrough,” I swear you put my name on it, personally. I have listened to it four times now. Belief in financial improvement, and a couple of other areas in my life, is a challenge for me. I know it’s not my only issue, but it’s definitely a big one.
    Once I listened to the podcast, every time I started stressing, even the tiniest bit, about any of the things I tend to worry about, I stated, “I choose to believe that all is being gathered so that _______.” Financial, health, personal things, relationships… I applied it to everything.
    So here is the story I want to share, specifically, for the “Tender Mercies” section. It JUST happened to me yesterday. Our paydays here are on two dates in the month. What this means is that my workdays can go up and down in number, according to where the dates land in a particular pay period, which means my income can fluctuate quite dramatically. In this case, for April, my income would be significantly lower. I had seen that coming, and planned for it as best as I could. I had it all worked out, and even though it was going to be tight, I was going to make it. As of last Saturday, April 28, I had about $100 to last me until my next check, on the 7th of May. I had food in the freezer and fridge, a full tank of gas, and I was going to be just fine.
    On Sunday, the 30th, however, I had an email that I was overdrawn by $18. I could not imagine what happened. I went to my bank statement online, and a yearly emergency road service renewal, which I had never authorized, had been taken out, 8 days earlier than it even expired. I simply do not do yearly renewals by auto debit. Ever. Totally unpredictable. I knew the bill was coming, and had planned to take care of it with that next check. I called, immediately and they said they were going to reverse it, but it would take until that next check to get it back.
    I admit that for most of the day I was pretty grouchy about it…although later in the afternoon, I did finally start repeating the “I choose to believe” statements. When I knelt in prayer that night, I wept, but expressed gratitude for as much as I could possibly think of. This next part might be more than you want to include, but I share it with you as my sister in the gospel. As I prayed, my own thought that I was expressing was interjected with a clear voice saying, “I will bless and prosper you.” I have only had that voice come so clearly at very significant times in my life. I was humbled and grateful. I wrote it down so I would remember it frequently. I am including it in my “I choose to believe statements.
    Monday, the 30th, I had already planned to be making a birthday dinner and cake for my eldest, who lives across the street. She, her family, and my son were all coming for dinner. I had previously purchased everything needed, and busied myself with a nice positive distraction. Throughout the day, I repeated, “I choose to believe that everything is gathering for my financial security and abundance.” They all arrived, and I was working on something in the kitchen, when my 7 year old grandson saw the Monopoly box and asked if we could play it.
    This is kind of a humorous question for us. At Christmas, a kind person left me a surprise gift at my door. It was this Monopoly game. However, every time poor Isaac asks if we can play it, he gets the same response: “It’s a super long game and it’s a school night. We will do it another time.” In fact, I had set it up on end against my bookcase so that I could vacuum. In doing so, I noticed that the lid was kind of separating and opening, slightly exposing the contents inside. I was so busy I never stopped to close it back up. I had never opened the box in the 5 months I had the gift.
    My daughter happened to glance down at it. She remarked, “Wow. They are really making Monopoly money look so realistic these days.” It had probably been 40 years since I played the game, and I just kind of chuckled. I wasn’t remembering that Monopoly money is small. My daughter went over to the box and said, “Uh…Mom? This is real money.” I stopped and gasped. She handed it to me. It was a lot of money. I immediately started sobbing, considering how my week was looking, and honestly, the next few weeks. Then I remembered what happened during my prayer, and I sobbed even more, and I told my family about it. She handed it to me, and I saw 20s, 10s, 5s…. I started counting it, but I couldn’t’ focus for the tears. I handed it all to her. She counted. $300!!!!!!!! And it had been sitting in a box in my home for 5 months, unnoticed, until I really, really needed it. I just could not stop crying with gratitude. My kids were all smiling and so happy for me.
    The Lord has amazed me time and time again. I know great things are being orchestrated. I have been creating the feelings to plant the seeds. I know it’s all in the works. Thank you so much for what you are doing. “Hidden Treasures” is the most authentic, real work I have ever read on the laws and how you have shared them has made sense more than any other book or workshop I have ever attended, and has raised my belief level tremendously. Please keep going. I feel like you are sharing this in such a grounded, non-hype, real-life way that this is what has allowed me to put these principles to work like I never have before. Thank you so very much.

    Tina Bonelli
    Holladay, Utah

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    Wow! Tina, this is amazing, and a perfect addition to the Tender Mercies story collection!! I’m sorry I didn’t see it until now – my system is supposed to notify me of new posts but something must have glitched. Thanks again for sharing!!

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