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    I got such great news today. I just have to share it!!!!

    I received an OK from the President of the University for a FULL conference in my profession at a leading university!!!

    Two years ago I wrote that I was goign to put on a conference in my profession. I love developing educational courses and designing short term continuing education events. I didn’t know exactly how it would happen but I wrote down the date. When the original date came and nothing happened I just moved the date up two years. i figured it would happen when it was right. I made it a public document. Then I went about doing my life and professional work.

    Well I went to a conference that an associate told me about. I enjoyed it so much and gave it 300% of my time and attention and at the end of the event I got asked to present the next year. I was so honored and thankful. That was fantastic. Within two weeks I was invivted by the University to do a collection of presentations. That was even better!!!

    I misunderstood what they were asking for and I wrote up an entire conference proposal. I got told that they wanted ‘only a day and a half’ of the time I had proposed. Generally I would have been disappointed after weeks of l-o-n-g hours writing up the proposal but not this time. I just let the event play itself out to completion and was highly thankful for what I was receiving. Hey I was thrilled, I was going to present multiple times at a national university conference in my subject area. I was thankful and excited.

    Then the president of the university saw the proposal and HE suggested that we discuss the possibility of me doing a full conference on the entire materials I had first proposed.

    Guess what !?! Instead of doing ONE conference I am now going to do TWO within three months for a MAJOR university!!!! I am dancing on the roof. The chance to be a part of a conference is an honor. To get paid to present is even much better. NOW I get to set my price for ALL those attending and the university is goign to pick up the tab for all expenses and I get the conference fees as well as sell my book AND follow-up courses. The university faculty WANT to teach at the conference – get this the PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY wants to be involved and teach!!!!!! THE PRESIDENT!!!!!

    Now that I have developed the conference proposal and hold the copyright to it. I now can go out and solicit other universities and community colleges to do the same continuing education program conference with them. The hardest job of developing the proposal and figuring out all the details is now done. My work has paid off BIG HUGE TIME. I just have to adapt it and personalize it to the particular university or community college I am targeting to. This will generate more income and more professional exposure for me and the others that will be teaching with me. The best part is how many people we will be able to help personally and help them help others. That is the best part of all.

    YEA instead of getting one rabbit I just got TWO Rabbits and I think there will be many baby bunnies hopping around long before Easter.

    God is so good, I can’t thank the Almighty enough.

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    Thank you, Terrie. It is fun to hear you put your success in the context of rabbits and Leslie’s work. Whenever I need inspiration I can return to your article. I expect you will continue to receive the rabbits you have asked for.


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    I have been invited in the past to teach at this particular university. I’ve been kinda overwhelmed with work and stuff and had not taken up an invitation to do some adjunct online teaching for the university.

    Currently some universities are slowing down due to the economic issues. Many adjunct faculty members are having to scramble to get some teaching jobs. I wasn’t sure there would be any teaching positions open to me, but I thought I would ask anyway.

    Anyway I called and I was invited IMMEDIATELY to teach a mini-semester between Christmas and just after New Years online. In one course alone I will make enough money to pay half my monthly expenses.

    The department chair is letting me write and teach any topic within my area of expertise that I want. I can be creative and do any sort of course that will address an area of need within my field of study. Talk about a gift from heaven – I don’t even have to do a pre-boxed dictated course someone else wrote.

    I already have the materials together for a course that will be fun and beneficial to all who use it and that I feel very comfortable in teaching. I sub-specialized in it in my doctorate and have loads of resources on it. It will be a lot of fun writing up the course as well as easy to do. This is going to be pure joy – I can feel it already! My confident level is and will be very high which helps to make the way I teach shine even more!

    I want more courses like this! This looks like a lot of fun even if I do have to learn some new software and deal with some paper work. I can do it! When I learn the software I’ll be able to teach even more courses at that university and elsewhere. Oh yea! I’ll be doing what my heart loves to do and that is teaching in my field of study and earning money doing it!

    Before the on-campus teaching, I will also be able to work on issues with the various conferences I will be presenting. I’ll meet with potential conference presenters and get a tan as well! My sense is that if this course goes well there may be more opportunities to do more courses for this department in the near future.

    To be very honest I have been intimidated in the past to accept an invitation to do online teaching. I felt that it was impossible for me to do, that I wasn’t smart enough to learn the software and keep up with the teaching record-keeping. I’ve heard that it is a lot of paper work and the various software programs can be challenging to learn etc. I was really scared to even try even though I have said repeatedly that I wanted to do this sort of teaching. I have even read numerous books on the subject, etc. I was digging my own potholes in my journey of success.

    Since working now on these two conferences I now already know many of the faculty and feel comfortable with them. I even know some of the support staff so if I have any problems I know folks I can go to who can help me out and help me. This knowledge that there are those I can seek out if I don’t know something about online teaching and it has already helped lower my anxiety about online teaching.

    These are some of the thoughts that I have learned so far about this online teaching journey:

    1. Being scared I really hides a lot of rabbits from my sight. It’s not that the rabbits are scared and unavailable, but I am the fearful one and not available to the rabbits.

    2. These rabbits can fill up my scared places and make the fearful stuff disappear and bring more happiness and positive stuff into my life. Many times if not always I don’t think it is the rabbits that run away but that I run away from the rabbits!

    3. There are NO ‘killer rabbits’! Have you ever seen the Monty Python’s ‘The Holy Grail’ movie with the ‘killer rabbit’? Well I have been afraid of certain rabbits of opportunity as if they were ‘killer rabbits’ that would devour me.

    I didn’t trust them and I didn’t trust me with them. They really aren’t such things as ‘killer rabbits’. That was just something that I put in my mind and CHOSE to believe. I choose to think different now about the rabbits of opportunity that are in my life. God is too good to give me ‘killer rabbits’. Now I look at it and see just how ridiculous that way of thinking really is! That sort of thinking is a REAL killer – not the rabbits. I’m the one that is the killer of rabbits of opportunity in my life not the other way around. What I need to do is think and / both instead of either / or.

    It gets even better ~~~~~~

    Christmas has been a difficult time for me since I experienced the death of most of my family just before Christmas or just after New Year in a 34 day span several years ago. My family was really small to begin with, so the impact was major on my life.

    The holidays have been a really hard time for me. I have often felt so alone. I have only one cousin who is elderly and lives half a country away. I haven’t felt grounded, that I belong anywhere or have had much to look forward to during the holiday season. I have been focusing on what I have lost especially in family and really nothing very positive.

    Now I have something to really look forward to. One of the academic requirements is that I teach in person for 3 days at one of the university campuses. I will be going from a cold winter area to the sun-belt region to do the teaching. What a wonderful brak.

    I have a lot of friends in that state I can go and visit, feel their love and connection. I can even go see my elderly cousin after I finish teaching the course!

    So now what do I want~

    I want more courses like the one I will be teaching on an increasing and regular basis with a great salary.

    Also I want a further extension of my family of the heart. This family of the heart consists of loving and accepting friends that I share personal activities with through out the year including the holidays. What I really want is a HUGE family of the heart that is comforting, fun to be with, positive and that I KNOW and FEEL grounded and connected with physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually!

    Thanks for letting me share!

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    What an INSPIRING story! Congratulations, Terrie! Keep ’em coming!


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    Congratulations!!! Way to stay excited even when things didn’t appear to be going the way you wanted! And then having the President of the university involved — wow! Great, great story!

    Thanks for sharing that success story! It was a great way to start my day!

    To infinity and beyond!

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