Nature Abhoreth a Vacuum - what about my purpose??

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    We know that nature doesn't like vacuum or empty spaces. Leslie has mentioned that if there is a hole in the wilderness then with time it will be filled. Also, many experts have taught that when you get ride of a bad habit or thought you have to replace it with something else.

    So my question is, what if there is a vacuum or empty space where my purpose or my life's mission should be? There have been many times when I'm wondering what my mission in life is and, of course, I'm not doing anything to actively fulfill that possible mission. So if I have a space in my life where my purpose should be, what is it going to be filled with?

    Will it be filled with misery, self-pity, regret, scattered activities that don't mean anything? Or will it be filled with something positive, just not of my choosing?

    But whatever it might be filled with by "default" by nature, I would rather fill it on purpose.

    What are your thoughts, I really want to know?

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    Shantra Winger

    My own thoughts on this: I have interests in so many areas. Currently, and for the past nearly 8 years, my mission was in the veterinary field. Lately, I've been thinking it might now be in teaching yoga. Just because you haven't discovered your life's mission, doesn't mean it isn't there. It just means you may need to think outside the box. When I was reading "The Jackrabbit Factor" and "Portal To Genius" I kept wondering what my purpose was. After a few days to think and a rough patch of depression, I was asking why does there have to be 1 mission? I've decided that where ever I feel inspired to go with my life, that is my mission. I will not leave the veterinary field entirely, but once done with the FTMF course, I intend to start training to teach Yoga. But, of course, I can start now by borrowing books on the topic from the library.

    I don't know what you've tried. But what works for me, is writing my feelings and thoughts in my journal. Keep a positive thought on it and if you are depressed or anxious, write while looking into the future (using the law of polarity?): these days will not last forever, there is sun after the storm, there are blessings hidden in adversity. You can do it. I believe in you. And I look forward to hearing about your discoveries. 😀

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    Hey Cam,

    Wow, I hadn't thought about the vacuum principle in relation to finding/fulfilling our life's purpose/soul purpose. That's some intriguing insight and pondering.

    I'm glad I found your post because (I admit I'm fulfilling a SOLM assignment) I feel in many ways I may have been plodding on for years, not knowing yet my life's purpose or if I am somehow unwittingly "filling in the vacuum" in bits and pieces, or otherwise creating both harmony and chaos in the search of it! You know Cam, it's refreshing to contemplate your take on this; I think it is a very positive/self-motivating way to look at it/hoping that, as we are striving to live God's will for us, then at least in some form, we are always led to participate in or fulfill some part of our life's purpose, which may be a somewhat hidden piece of the puzzle; but when added to an ever crystallizing life roadmap, acts as a catalyst to continue the journey to total completion.

    Mark Noble (answering under my wife's Log-On...Lori Noble)

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