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    I wanted to share something I learned several years ago about the law of cause of effect. I was reading an article, and the author commented how he always got free books from different and often unexpected places. Then it occurred to him that he was always giving away free books, and he had unknowingly opened this flow for free books to come back to him.

    When we give, we open the flow!

    I have always been a believer in tithing. I have always paid tithing on money earned, and I have watched money and needed resources flow back to me. I noticed a big difference in what flowed back to me if I paid my tithing with fear and resentment (out of duty) or if I paid my tithing with love and gratitude for all God has blessed me with! The love and gratitude really opened the flow!

    So I decided to test the principle to see if it would work with time. I feel like I have been busy and overwhelmed my whole life! I felt like I was already giving so much of my time to service and volunteering, but when I stopped and got honest with myself I discovered that I was serving and volunteering out of duty. So I started putting my heart into it. I started serving with love and gratitude, and not only did the service become more enjoyable, but it seemed to take less time– opening up more time for me to pursue my goals!

    In addition to the needs of my husband and 3 children, I am the choir pianist at church, I am the president of the children’s auxiliary at church, I am the chair for Staff Appreciation at the elementary school, and I am starting my own coaching business. Somedays I am amazed at how much I can accomplish in a single day! As I put my heart into serving, my capacity to serve seems to increase! I feel like I am able to accomplish more in less time!

    Having said that, if you are overextended with how much service and volunteering you are doing, you may find it necessary to prioritize the service and volunteering. I had to learn that I couldn’t do it all right now — and I needed to give others the opportunity to be needed and to step up and serve! I learned to follow my heart and volunteer where I felt like I could make the time commitment and make a difference, and let the other opportunities go to someone else! (I think of it as keeping the vacuum there so the right person will be able to fill it!)

    I have always been and always will be very conscious of time management. I find that if I don’t set aside specific time to work on my goals (I’m a morning person so the best time for me is usually right when I wake up), then I waste a lot of time and don’t progress with my goals very much.

    I also find it necessary to take time just for me! I love to read, and sometimes I treat myself to a fun book to read, and I hog that time all to myself! It’s wonderful! Other people love to shop, scrapbook, cook… When planning your time, be sure to plan time to do those fun things that you love!

    What are some other ideas you use to manage your busy lives? I’d love to hear more ideas…

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    This is truly the foundation to receiving what we want. Gratitude and giving to others opens doors we don’t even know are there. We would have never been able to take care of our large family if we hadn’t paid tithing and taken advantage of opportunities to serve both privately and publicly. At times it feels like a game. Can I give more than I get? No, God is always ahead of the game but it is tons of fun to play.


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    I have loved this post! I have had this AHA, too. A few months ago, I was preparing for Girls Camp. My DIL was my assistant camp director and I was putting together some videos for a presentation I wanted to do just for the girls. I had spent a lot of hours working on this program and dragging my DIL into it. One day my son said, “Mom! Why are you going to all this work? Weren’t you supposed to keep it simple?” I responded, “Son, One thing I have learned in all these years of girls camp and life is that you get out of it what you put into it.” I have had so many experiences that have been very powerful, but they came after a lot of hard work. Pretty soon, I realized the connection– I got out of the activity what I put into it. I have found that in any church job, school job, job job, family, whatever it is I am doing. Thus I have learned to do a job cheerfully and give my best effort. It always pays bigger dividends. Not that I have ever looked for pay, but I feel better about myself because I gave my best effort. And where I fell short, the Lord made up for it because I had done all I could do.

    That became evident at a girls camp 6 years ago. We were preparing an “Iron Rod” experience for the girls. We had worked SO hard and had prepared everything we could think of. I even wrote a song for the occasion. When we had prayer and began, I felt the Heaven’s open and knew that God took over. I just stood backed and watched basically. It felt like, “thanks for all your work, now let Me take it from here.” It was the most amazing thing I have experienced. The fruits of that labor?? To this day, we (the guy who did the music and I, the lyricist) have sold over 4,000 copies of that song by word of mouth only. We don’t make money on it– well, enough to buy the next batch, but it is some that keeps giving to those who use it and feel the spirit of it. I always get a chuckle when people call or email and are leaving for camp in a week or two and want to do this. I think in my mind, “You can pull it off, but you may not get out of it what we did, because it is a lot of work to do it right and of course, “you get out of it what you put into it.” The Law of the Harvest. The law of Polarity. At their finest!


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    Great post Alisa! Camber and I were just talking about this yesterday. The “law of tithing” (as we have come to know it) does not only work with tithing, It works with everything. It is amazing what types of blessings come back when you give willingly a piece of what is valuable to your subconscious. We are trying to implement this better into our lives right now, because we have seen the success that it has brought other people.

    And I also have to say how cool it was that on the day that I read your post above about the author who kept receiving free books, Leslie sent out the email about the free book that Garrett Gunderson was giving away. That was so great.

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    I love when you have an a-ha moment that you keep learning from!

    I have been re-reading a book I read a long time ago (but getting so much more from it now that I understand Stickman and the Laws of Success) called “The Secrets of Super Selling – How to Program Your Subconscious for Success” by Lynea Corson, Ph.D., George Hadley, Ed.D., & Carl Stevens, CPAE.

    On page 182 they are talking about the Law of Increasing Returns, and they say this: “…it is important that you give away only the amount of money that you can give freely and feel good about…. The point here is that you must be able to give the money joyfully to a person or group and be willing to receive back many times more than you give.”

    They go on to say, “Although we have been talking about money, the law of increasing returns applies to other things as well as money. If you give your time freely to people who need help, others will give their time freely to you when you need help.”

    The two things that stood out to me:
    1) How the Law of Increasing Returns applies to so much more than money
    2) We must give whatever we are giving away JOYFULLY, and be WILLING TO RECEIVE back many times more than we give! We can’t receive all those promised blessings unless we are willing to receive them! To me that implies some action on our part involved with the receiving! It makes “receive” an action verb, and something we DO instead of something that happens to us!!!

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    Thanks for starting this thread. I’ve often thought about how I experience “Time”. It seems easy for me to have a long list of high Priority things to do, and know that there isn’t time for all of them, and feel overwhelmed, sometimes to the point of feeling feeling unable to be effective in anything.
    When I start feeling that inner pressure building, I realize I need to slow down for a minutes, take a few deep breaths and get a perspective check.
    I realize that really the only thing I need to do is relax, connect with my inner wisdom and God (I feel like they are connected anyway).
    If I live my day from a place of inner Peace and hearing my Inner Wisdom, able to hear the promptings (those solutions that are all around me at those higher frequencies)
    Then, I am more effective, and am living in the Present Moment, feeling more Joy in what I’m doing, no matter what it is…then I’m able to Live from Personal Integrity,(feels like it also means being Integrated in Heart and Mind) from a place of BE-ing, rather than from a place of anxiety and fear…a human Do-ing–not fun!

    I also had a thought the other day. I accepted a new responsibility in my church–one that is a bit of a stretch for me. I wondered how I’m going to juggle it with my health/energy issues and other responsibilities, and some special family situations that require my time and energy.
    Then, the thought came to me, that the Lord extended this new opportunity to serve, IN ORDER for Him to send Me the Blessings I needed to help my family members and in other areas of my life.
    I had the impression that our Service (giving of our Time and Energy from a place of Faith and a Willing Heart somehow opens or enlarges a Conduit for the Lord’s Blessings and according to some Divine Law, Activates the Flow of the Blessings-Abundance He wants to give me!
    It totally changed my feelings about my new assignment I had accepted. I changed from feeling dubious and apprehensive, to grateful for God’s Love for me, that this new assignment given to me was not a burden, but because the Lord knew He could bless me More, when I had new opportunities to Give of Myself to Others, to Serve Him. I now KNOW that I will be fine, and will be able to handle things, that “His Grace will be MORE than sufficient” for me.

    Any other Thoughts?


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    Great advice ladies! I am always feeling like I am running around crazy. I try to keep grounded the best I can. I try to really engage with with my kids so that even if everything that I want to get done doesn’t get done, at least there is a good reason for it. I know a lady who instead of making a ‘to do’ list everyday, she would make a ‘got done’ list so she could see what se accomplished.

    I also find that I need to do something for myself everyday, no matter how small it is. It helps with my sanity and it allows me to be able to focus on everything else that needs my attention.

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    Thanks, Alisa, for sharing your ideas on time. One thing I heard recently was a story about martial arts, but it applies to life. A martial arts master (sorry, I’m ignorant as to what the proper title would be) asked his students what the two steps were to become a black belt. One of the students stepped forward and said, “The first step is to start, and the second step is to not quit.”

    I found this especially useful when I was going through the FTMF course. I started and I didn’t quit. Some weeks I accomplished a lot and other weeks I didn’t feel that I accomplished very much. However, I kept going and accomplished my goal to graduate in 12 weeks. Like you, I prefer the morning to accomplish my goals because as my children wake up, the day can get away from me.

    Thanks for the advice to serve with love and gratitude. Some callings are easier for me than others to do that with and I need to do that will ALL callings and other service I give.

    So, remember, when you have a goal to accomplish, start and don’t quit!

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