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    I took my copy of the 19 Rules home yesterday and my 20 year old son and I went through them together. This has inspired us and we are going to spend some time in the coming week putting them to good use.

    I thank you for the further input regarding rules #5 and #6. So many times we are not specific in what we want, and then we don't submit it to the Master Chef because we feel He should know what it is we want and need.

    Thank you so much for your input. I am 56 and have a past of disasters and have felt most frustrated as I have tried to identify why I do some of the things I do that tend to blow up in my face, and to set about making changes, and in this past year it has been awesome how articles, people, businesses etc have come across my path to help me to achieve what I have dreamt about achieving in my life as a young woman.

    One is never to old to learn or to change the way we think. I realized that many times the way I think has impacted greatly upon my life and my lack of success in the past.

    As I approach my 60's life has become an exciting challenge and I believe what I failed at in my youth I will now achieve.

    I really appreciate your website and what I am able to read and learn from it. Thank you for sharing. I in turn want to share what I am learning with those around me. Being in Africa there is such a sense of hopelessness amongst our people and as I put into practice what I am learning and reach just one person, and that person can reach another, we can turn our continent around.

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