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    The stickman video? I LOVE IT! That's where I discovered my love for YOUR style over James, Carol, etc. I had already read all of your stuff and loved it, but I hadn't heard you or seen you teach. I love how you just teach it as a simple truth!!

    I now have my husband, girlfriends, neighbors and thier dogs watching it all around the states! I DID learn a lot. I must be shifting because even though I have "heard it all", it's kind of like the scriptures, (read them again and get something new out of them each time) and like Bob Proctor talks about, there's just something that happens with repetition and a different style/approach each time you hear it!

    I'm like you; now that I know I love your style (it just sinks in easier, you know), I'd drive any distance, pay any amount (even if it is on credit) to spend time in/with your energy!

    I am sooo excited! You have made my day, week, month...

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