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    Kristi S

    After submitting my midterm goals for review, Leslie gave me some tips about setting goals that involve other people. I responded with a clarifying question, but she didn't reply right away.

    Finally she wrote: "Oh my goodness Kristi - did I never respond to this? I'm so sorry. My first thought is I think it's totally appropriate to see yourself [enjoying the success that involves the other person] - the only piece I might adjust is the part where you set the timing for it. What if you just visualized it and let go of when it needs to be? ...I've noticed things come about much more smoothly and sometimes even quicker when I am truly okay with however long it takes. This is a more recent lesson that I've learned... something that was not adequately explained in the program because I myself hadn't learned it yet."

    Amazingly, not getting a response from her sooner WAS my answer! It was something I needed to figure out see how strong my faith really is.

    The following lessons (after sending Leslie the email) walked me through exactly what I needed to do.

    Thank you Leslie! I feel like each lesson is EXACTLY what I need to hear at EXACTLY the time I need to hear it. I love the way God works! The timing is so incredible... I cannot even begin to explain how I feel right now, other than to say it feels amazing! I love what I'm learning and I feel so blessed to be on this journey 🙂

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