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    OK, so I am sitting here this morning looking over my notes for chapter 12 and thinking “Oh I totally blew it! I was supposed to find my cordless phone that has been lost for MONTHS-and I haven’t done it!” But thankfully, I am remembering some good things that I HAVE done this week.

    First of all, I have visualized and felt so excited about finding my phone a couple of times. We have been rearranging in our home because we finished our 5th bedroom, which we made into an office, and have changed rooms for all 8 of our children, so I have just been sure the thing would show up, but it hasn’t yet. I have also noticed that since I chose this for my “midterm” project, I feel more pressure to “make” it show up, and even though it is pretty inconsequential (we have been living without it just fine for several months since the last time we lost it) it feels more consequential because I wrote it down and said I was going to find it. Go figure that I make myself nervous about it.

    But, having said that- I have had a couple of other things that have been coming along nicely (because they are not part of the assignment) that I would like to share. I am only sharing 1 here because I don’t like reading super long posts and I don’t want anyone to miss the second one being tacked onto the end, so I am posting it in a second post.

    I have the opportunity to join a fitness contest with Gold’s Gym, but my trainer told me I had to wear a 2 piece bathing suit for the photos in order to be qualified to win. I have a moral issue against wearing a bikini, I don’t care to share that much skin, I think it objectifies the body, and I teach my daughters and the young women’s group that I work with not to wear them but to treat their bodies as the sacred gifts they are- with respect and love. Anyway, I read the official rules, and it said “a 2 piece bathing suit is ideal” but that doesn’t say to me that I am disqualified.

    Well, to complicate matters somewhat, I don’t have a 1 piece that fits well- I have lost some weight and the one I own is a bit baggy on me, and not so conducive to giving a good photo for showing my progress. So I set it as my intention that I would find at the first store that I tried, the perfect get up for my photo for less than $15. After all, why spend $50 on a bathing suit that I don’t want to fit in 12 weeks?!? I had a very busy day with 2 daughters birthday parties that night (which I had also not finished shopping for) a 2.5 hour religious meeting that I wanted to attend in the morning, and a trianing session with my trainer, as well as the photo shoot in the afternoon. I went to the training session and worked out to the point of passing out (oops- didn’t eat enough breakfast) which put me behind a bit, rushed to get to my religious meeting (made it!) then headed to the store. I had another store in mind, but as I was pulling out of the parking lot, restated my intention that I would find what I was looking for at the first stop. I turned right instead of left and realized that I was being led somewhere. Not sure where to go, I thought about the location of the photo shoot, and headed that way, feeling that I would find what I needed on the way. I soon saw a shopko and pulled in. No bathing suits in stock until the end of this month- sorry- but I knew it had to be there because of my intention to find what I wanted at the first stop, so I started looking through the athletic wear (all on sale!) I found a tankini bottom for $3 (last one- in my size!), and started perusing the tops- I found a racer back athletic tank that felt just like swimwear on sale fo $12- also the last one in that color, and my size- happy day! and how amazing to find exactly what I wanted- in a flattering color for me- I went to my photo shoot, and the girl told me to lift up my tank- I said “you can see what you need to see- you will see a big enough difference that I can win. You don’t need to see more skin” and she took the photos.

    There were several other women at the photo shoot who said to me “I have never worn a bikini in my life, and I am mortified about this” and I felt grateful that I know enough about the laws to be able to choose. I fully expect to win the contest- it is my birthday today and that is the official start date, so I will post again as we go along and let you know how I am doing.

    I am so thankful that God has led me to understand these laws better!

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