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    I’ve been reading and thinking a lot lately, and the principle keeps coming to mind that “if you pick up one end of the stick you pick up the other end.” We’ve all had experiences where we did something to get one result, then were astonished at getting another (and very predictable) other consequence.

    One great example I read, reminded me of the kind of rash things I sometimes do. A woman filed a complaint with police about something relatively minor, like loud neighbors. She got really nasty about it and made a big to-do out of it. Which prompted the neighbors to file a complaint against her.

    The “other end of the stick” for her was that when the neighbors (predictably) filed a harassment complaint against her, the police turned up an old warrant on her (that she knew about), and she was arrested. I never heard the end of the story, but it seemed so logical to me. She was so caught up in her wanting of one thing (her neighbors to stop whatever it was they were doing) that she never thought through, what will they do, and what will happen when they do?

    We see it all the time. The celebrity who does something stupid, like making an offensive video, and then loses something important to them.

    And I do it all the time. Maybe not on that scale, but I do. I think we all do, and I’m trying very hard to be more conscious, when I do something, to think about the other end of it. I think a lot of the growing pains my business is experiencing are just normal growing pains, but I think some of them are the result of not looking at both ends of the stick.

    On the other hand, recently I reported that a client accused me of plagiarism because someone else was claiming credit for the work I did, and I responded very calmly and reasonably. That client actually came back, was reasonable and repentant, and asked me to do another project. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do it, but I might. If I don’t, it will only be because I don’t think it’s a good use of my time.

    Just some thoughts from my reading.

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    Interesting ideas. I hope that things work out for your charitible organization. I’m glad that you were able to find an acceptable subsitute.

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    I am finishing up a charity campaign that I hope and pray will help thousands of organizations who are having economic trouble right now to make ends meet because charitable donation are way down. Once it is ready for launch would it be permissible for me to let those on the forum know that they can PM me to get more information? If not then I certainly understand and accept that decision.

    In the meantime I sure could use the prayers as we finish up with the project.

    Anyway we are looking for a logo. We found one and like it a lot. I went to the artist personal website and was surprised to see that a section of his site is not inline with what I believe in. It seems to me to be pornographic graphics in nature.

    My values are such that I choose to be in more involved in positive graphic artistry endeavors. I REALLY REALLY LIKE the logo but choose to support others. I felt a bit crushed that we were not going to get the logo.
    Then I prayed about it and told God how much I liked it and that I really wanted the artist just to add a couple of things to make it perfect for us.

    Then the idea came to me- why not show the logo you like to your graphic artist that does your children’s activity books and see what she can do for you. It’s not that you REALLY like the logo you like the concept. It was a V-8 moment of realization. Why was I going to pay someone else to do our campaign logo and settle for somewhat make-shit sort of thing when I already knew a fantastic and creative artist who is being so supportive of my endeavors already. She is very talented and I’m just showing her an idea that I like.

    It made so much more sense! I now can hold onto my values and be faithful to my beliefs. I can also help someone who is already helping me.

    I seriously believe that if I had picked up the stick of the other artist that thing would not go like I hope, pray and envision they will. Please keep this campaign in your prayers, It can help so many and also bring in the economic resources that I need so much right now.

    Thanks again.

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    Thanks, Angie. That’s a good principle to ponder and apply. You mentioned on another thread that you’ll be reading a lot this week, so it will be fun to see what other nuggets you come up with.

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