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    My husband, Dale, and I had a great experience last weekend at Leslie and Trevan’s SGR class in Mesa, AZ. Dale hasn’t studied the laws with me and has been less enthusiastic about joining me in discussing them. It was wonderful to be there together. He has become very open about learning together. He read Wattle’s book before we left which was a perfect preparation to really get in and study with the experts.

    This morning Dale said, “If you were to ask me one thing I got from the class it would be this. Whatever happens I can put a plus or a minus on it.” (Leslie uses the stickman over and over to make her points as she teaches. That minus sign continually is turned into a plus.) He continued, “A certain person is sending me an email today that really makes me upset. Then I thought, I don’t have to let him upset me. I can think whatever I want about it. I can think, he just wants to share some information with me that he thinks will be helpful–and let it go at that.” And he did. I cheered and congratulated him.

    That is a huge step for any of us. I am so happy about that!!

    Thank you, Leslie and Trevan, along with the other participants.


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    Congrats to Dale to be willing to go along! This is a great reminder to me that everything is neutral. I really needed this today, since a coworker’s actions were somewhat annoying. After thinking about it, I realize that he’s just doing the best he can and I need to not worry about it. It doesn’t change the “grand scheme” of things if how he does it isn’t how I would have done it. What matters is that it gone done….

    Thanks for the reminder.

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    I really appreciate this. I have a project for a client I don’t enjoy working with. I finally decided to get out of it, and I told myself, I’m not losing this money; I’m creating a vacuum for better work.

    I have another client (I’m still working for clients while I get my information empire up and going :>), whom I love, and he sent me an email asking me to call. He never talks on the phone with me, so I worried, at first. Then I made fun of myself and told him, “If you’re going to fire me, I’m fine with you doing that by email :4:” He has a good sense of humor, and rushed to say, “No, I just want to clarify something that would take less time on the phone.”

    Plus or minus really is up to us. Thanks for reminding us.

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    Renae, how wonderful that Dale could join you at the SGR class!

    Isn’t it great how we learn these new techniques so that we can improve one area of our lives (finances, for example), only to find ourselves growing and changing in ALL areas? Dale’s plus-minus experience is a great reminder of that for me.


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