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    My husband and I want to do the home study course. We will have the funds by the end of the year to purchase it. I was wondering what the difference is between the individual and couples. What comes in the couples package?

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    The couples package provides an extra set of all the components that the first person would use up. There will be a second looseleaf manual, a second journal, and a second set of phase 1 and phase 2 workbooks. It will also have a second Goal Review Service certificate so that the spouse won't have to pay the regular $199 to have our personal attention to his or her goal after the 6th week.

    It does not provide a second set of the items that can reasonably be shared, such as the audio cds and the DVD, and any other books, audio/visual materials that may be received at the same time depending on promotional incentives offered at the time. Right now, there are several hundred dollars of bonus items offered if the person gets it at before the page is updated to remove those items. Those bonus items will not come in duplicate with the couples package, sorry 🙂

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