Roxy Purse!!!

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    A few months ago I found the perfect purse (Roxy black and white bag with red lining!) at Macys. I was shopping with my family (is it still called shopping when kids are in tow?) and carried the purse around the store. Actually I wore the purse throughout the store. By the time I was ready to pay, the lines were long, my kids were done, and I noticed the perfect purse was not so perfect. The screen printing was messed up and so I jsust abandoned ship and left without my perfect purse. I could not find it online and so I just moved on.

    This week, I ran to the mall and found another bag. I wore it around the store for a while too and was prepared to buy it until I found out was not returnable – I thought about it and the purse was not exactly what I wanted.

    Guess what came in the mail yesterday? My mom saw the Roxy purse in Utah and thought it looked just like me. She bought it and sent it right away! Good thing I didn’t buy the other bag or there would ot have been the vacuum for my mom/the Universe to fill! The Roxy bag is so much cuter than the other one I considered. I am glad I held out! 🙂

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    I love it when fun things like this show up in our lives. I am reminded that the Lord cares about even the little things that can bring us joy. I am glad you recognized this as more than a coincidence! Thank you for sharing!!!

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    What a great story! Thanks for sharing it.

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