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    emailed to Trevan 9/4/06

    So, your wife is a genius! The book was incredible…

    I have a great story…So I could not put the book down, finished it in just a few hours one night.

    I was at the beach with my kids the next day after I was done, and decided to test the theory.

    We belong to a beach club defined by huge rock jetties and good shells are hard to come by. We’ve never ever found a decent shell.

    Anyway, I walked down to the water and realized this was a great place to test…afterall, no better place for the universe to be able to provide than the ocean!! So I put my energy on finding those big white gorgeous shells – we’ve never seen them anywhere near our beach. I imagined us all picking them and carrying loads back to the house… I reached down into the water and immediately pulled out a sand dollar – hmmm…

    We walked the length of the beach, no shells. I did not let go of my focus. At the end, we went through the lagoon, and my kids climbed up on the last jetty. For the first time, they wanted to keep walking onto the next beach. They wanted to climb down the other side of the jetty and keep walking. At first I said “no” the jetty isn’t really safe to climb over, we could get hurt….blah, blah, blah…totally in my shit.

    Out of no where my youngest finds a small path that leads right over the jetty. We have never, ever noticed it before. We are now on the next beach, I go down to the water, and start pulling these huge white shells out of the water – bigger that we have ever seen. My kids are picking them up off of the sand…it was so weird! We had armfuls!

    OH MY GOSH. The jackrabbits had literally turned into shells! It was wild. I sat down dizzy at the experience, and then realized the power.

    Now, I’m working on doing this with bags of money…I picture myself walking into my back yard pulling up bags of money instead of weeds…hey, you never know!

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    emailed to Leslie 11/30/06

    Ok – so you may remember my first experience with the Law of Attraction after reading the Jack Rabbit factor…the shells at the beach. Well, at the end I think I mentioned that I would like to attract bags of money…I have, and I am blown away.

    In early September I put out the Universe that I would like to have $5,000 within three months. I was willing to work for it (should an opportunity present itself), but really, I just wanted the money to appear…hey, what the heck, one can dream.

    Well, my parents took us out to dinner this past Saturday evening as a celebration as they have recently come into some money from my Grandmother’s estate (she died in March).

    At the beginning of dinner my parents handed my brother and I checks for $20,000.

    Oh my gosh!

    I now put it out there to the universe when I need about anything …the concept of scarcity is gone from my life…there is an abundance.

    Once again, thank you for the Jackrabbit Factor!!

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    You may absolutely use my story and name in your newsletter, on your website, whatever. It was a very powerful experience for me. There I was standing at the edge of the vast ocean asking for the universe to provide – I figured if the universe could realign, this was the best place to start. It was equally powerful that we had to get out of our regular beach walk routine and go over the jetty onto the next beach, which is where we found the shells. Just wild – I was stunned. It was really “Jackrabbits” but in a different context!

    So, how do I subscribe to your newsletter? Is it paper or web??

    I so enjoyed your husband’s company at PSI 7 – as you know, he is quite a fantastic guy. And you, my gosh – what a success!! You must be a woman of tremendous strength to give birth to 6 kids (and then actually raise them)….and now a 7th – good for you! We have three girls (5, 6, and 9).

    Got to run – playdates have gone wild in my home – there are 5 completely insane superheroes upstairs in desperate need of a bit of attention.

    Keep in touch!


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    Hi Jennifer,

    Trevan just shared with me your experience with the shells; would you mind if I use your story in my newsletter and on my website or whatever? This is just the kind of story that helps other people give the principles a try.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put it in writing. I’m so excited for you!


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