Should I give our car away?

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    I re-read Hidden Treasures finishing it last night with my wife. When we got to the bonus chapter about Nature abhors a vacuum, in the questionnaire it asks what is something we own that we don't like. Well that would be our car, we still owe close to $6,000.00 on it. But we would love a new suburban.

    If we paid off the car and gave it away, is that along the lines of this law, or would that be out of line? Also, if we donate the vehicle, we thought it might be best not to give it to a family member, (I don't want the whole "Oh, look how much money they are showing off" thing.) Anyway, we just wondered what a pro at the laws would recommend? (I don't expect a "free answer" and would love to pay for the advice given, if you can spare the advice.) Also, I can't imagine not going to the seminar. My only concern is my J.O.B. We are very slow right now at work, and I am the salesman. So I just need to get the courage to ask for it off.

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    You can use the "nature abhors a vaccuum" principle also by simply giving someone a good deal on it. If you owe money on it and can sell it to cover your costs, no matter how you get rid of it, you have created the vacuum.

    Nature knows you need wheels, and making space for a different set would be the overall objective. When you are first getting started on applying these principles, you also have to allow yourself to receive money that is potentially available to you. This is not to say that just giving it away wouldn't work... it may be a question of how much experience you've had with seeing the principles work, and whether or not your psychology is strong enough to keep your head straight while you wait for the results you want.

    Losing curtains for a while, or carpet, is inconvenient but not drastic enough to cause a panic attack. In this testing period, where you may be putting the principle to the test for the first time, would giving up $6000 and a car be too much of a hit on your psychology? No matter what you decide to give away, there is a period of time where your faith is tested. Make sure you are absolutely clear on what it is you are seeking, and trust your gut to do the right thing to get it.

    I suppose giving it away outright could be a powerful experience, but based on my own experience in the early days, I did it for things that didn't hold as much resale value, like furniture or clothing. We've done this with at least 2 cars, where we sold them quickly, giving the buyer a killer deal. The vacuum still worked... we still got the better car that we needed.

    Now, as for the seminar, it could be that work is slow right now because it doesn't need to be faster. You make the determined decision to be at the seminar, and then the way to make it all work begins to line up. It doesn't need to line up until you've made the decision.

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