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    Can you identify the meanings behind the names in Jackrabbit Factor? I'd like to see if all of them can be identified by our readers...

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    That's pretty cool!!
    It didn't even occur to me that the names had meanings.

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    You got it!

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    I knew if I asked you about this, the answer would come to me and I think it has. I think it means "I know everything." Is that right?

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    Give it your best shot... I'm going to enjoy this 🙂

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    I came across another name that I'm stumped on. When Richard meets Randy Mollup, he first asks him if his name is Ina Everett Thynn (p. 116). I'm not getting that one at all. Will you please enlighten me?

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    I chose Felicity to describe who she is meant to be. She didn't begin with living up to her name, which means "happiness, peace, serenity..."

    Eventually, she grew into it. She was named for these qualities, so that it could demonstrate the "present tense" principle. We can adopt the qualities we want by claiming them as our own before we fully live up to them. It's the power of the statement "I am."

    What qualities do you want to adopt that aren't already a part of your character? Tell the truth in advance. Make it part of your goal statement. For example, don't say or write, "I want to be more patient" or "I will be patient" but rather, "I AM patient." Through repetition, your subconscous mind will eventually begin to believe it, and you will one day look back and realize that it truly became a natural part of you.

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    Thanks for clarifying the names. I knew when the three names were listed in a row, they meant something. I couldn't figure out Colin O'Hare at all and I never put it all together, but now it makes sense. I don't think it's corny, I think it's clever!!

    Does Felicity's name mean anything or is that just a name that you liked?

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    Well done!! Just one correction...

    Carey Moore is actually "Carry More", not "care more".

    Now, I won't give them ALL away in a single post, but one that you missed was Colin O'Hare.

    With all three cohorts' names spoken in a row (as quoted from the book) you get: "calling a hare, even you can carry more."

    Corny, I know... 🙂

    In other words, as you learn to get rabbits to come to you, you won't have to wear yourself out chasing just one, and you'll end up with more in the long run by acting and thinking in the "certain way".

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    I got a kick out of these names, but I know I didn't get all of them, so if you can enlighten me and correct me where I'm wrong, I would surely appreciate it.

    Richard Goodman--rich, good man
    Joe Bless--jobless
    Officer Cross--angry cop, doesn't believe Felicity
    Officer Doolittle--afraid of Officer Cross, so he doesn't do much
    Andy Zauff--and he's off
    Evan Yukon--even you can
    Carey Moore--care more
    Gavin Upnow--givin' up now
    Randy Mollup--round 'em all up (I take this to mean round up the jackrabbits)

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