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    So a silly little thing, but cool none the less. I feel in love with TW spatulas. I wanted to replace the other ones that I had. They were on sale a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t have the money for them. So I figured at some point I would get some more. I thought about it, and knew that I couldn’t get new ones while I still had the old ones. So I got rid of the old ones. The next week, TW had the same spatulas on sale for even less as a one week special, and I had the money to get them this time. Yeah for me.:4:

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    Cool, I think all the little things are what make life great. I was sitting in a waiting room a few days ago. I ran out of the house so fast that I didn’t bring my wallet. There was a soda machine and I thought it’d be great to have a soda. To be specific I wanted an Orange Fanta. I did all the visualization of having the soda. The person I was waiting for came out and we left without my soda. A few hours later my brother bought me an Orange Fanta. I would have preferred to have it while I was sitting there in the waiting room but I got one that day none the less with no money in my pocket and without asking a person for it, I only asked the universe. I thought it was pretty cool.

    To the little things!!!

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