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    Warning this is going to be a long post. But I want to give details of my experience to help others (and because that is what I am looking for when I read other posts.)

    I was nervous to do the midterm because I'd never really put a time frame on an intention (one that I actually believed anyway). But I moved on despite fears.

    (Sept. 9) First, I intended to find a $2 bill by (Sept. 11) Friday. I visualized. I got excited. I thought about what it looked like, what it felt like, what it smelled like. I even put my mouth on it. It felt real. I was excited, knowing that I could use these laws to manifest something so unique. Then I went about my business expecting it to appear. I thought I'd some how be given it as change, so I looked for it whenever I went to the store, expecting the clerk to hand it to me. Then I told myself to stop wondering how it'll come, but just know that it's coming. Then I thought that maybe I would find it at home when I was cleaning or picking up. Then I again told myself to stop trying to figure out the how, just be grateful and let it go.

    Then I said, "Okay, Leslie said treat this as seriously as a college midterm. So I'll use all the tools I know to help me manifest what I want."

    I wrote out an affirmation on an index card and stuck it on the wall, so I could see it often. Then I got one of my husband's $2 bills and taped it to the wall next to the affirmation to help me vividly visualize a $2 bill. At that point, a friend suggested that the Universe wouldn't send me a $2 bill because I "already had one." So I took it down and altered my affirmation.

    Next, I decided to make up a little rhyme about my $2 bill because it helps us remember things better and makes it fun. Florence Scovell-Shin wrote in one of her books that one of her students came up with this line: "I have a wonderful business. In a wonderful way, I give wonderful service for wonderful pay." So my hokey rhyme goes: "I've got a $2 bill in my hand. It's a symbol of something so grand. I just love seeing that cool number two. And I think that so will you."

    Friday. No bill. No problem. God's never late. Let it go. It's still on its way.

    In the meantime, I tried two other practices.

    1. I used our Shop Vac to clean up outside where we put in new windows. The next day I needed to finish, but couldn't locate an attachment for this vacuum. I decided to sit down, visualize, use my senses and give thanks for finding it so quickly. I walked back outside and found it immediately behind the bush I had just been standing by. I may have spent a fantic 20 minutes or so not finding it. So I'm counting it a success.

    2. I felt inspired to try it on a pile of concrete blocks. We put an egress window in and cut out some of the foundation cement block. My husband told me to take it to a concrete contractor. He said they'd take it for free because they crush it up and sell it as crushed concrete. But the places I called told me that they charged $5 per yard of concrete. I just wanted it gone, so I decided to pay the $5. On the drive there, I thought maybe since it is such a small pile of blocks, they'd just take it. So I visualized, got excited, expected the nice person to say, "Free of charge," gave thanks and let it go. And when she said, "That'll be $5 please," I tried really hard not to be disappointed. But I thanked God for the lesson and decided maybe I could use a "failure" to help me fully appreciate a success.

    (Sept 15) I was feeling a little disappointed that I hadn't discovered my $2 bill yet. So then I just stopped and had a talk with myself out loud. I said, "Look, I'm not giving up. No matter what." And then I just stopped. I couldn't believe what I just said to myself. I didn't know that I was never going to give up. I didn't realize that I REALLY believed that I was going to persist until I succeeded. (My thought patterns in the past have always told me that it's okay to give up. It's just too hard. Maybe I wasn't meant to succeed at this or that.) But now I've changed. I've really changed! Cool.

    (Sept. 16) Today, I've just decided to really let go and surrender my need to win. I know my $2 bill is on it's way, but I need to release the sponge. I KNOW that I am trying too hard with this one.

    When I started this assignment and picked a $2 bill as my inconsequential thing, I thought, "I can't wait to tell my awesome success story on the forum. It's finally going to be me sharing one of those amazing and cool experiences!"

    Although my $2 bill hasn't come into physical form, I have so much to be grateful for in terms of learning and growing. I am so excited about the future and the next steps in my journey.

    (Sept. 21) Sorry. No $2 bill. However, I had a success finding a small piece off of the bottom of my laptop. I didn't move on in the course because I hadn't felt like I had a real success (Not counting the vaccuum part. I felt like I'd have found it quickly anyway), I'd decided to try it on the laptop piece. It's like a little rubber stopper, so that the laptop won't slide away. It fell off and could have been in a number of rooms or gone completely. I did the whole thing again -- visualize, use the senses, feel gratitude and let go. I checked every room and nothing. Then today, it just showed up in the middle of the dining room. I had searched every inch of every floor of every room the laptop had been in. And today, there it was right at my feet, where I'd looked and walked just hours before. Cool. Success.

    I'll let you all know when my $2 bill just shows up at my feet...


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    Just in case y'all didn't notice, Ami added an update to this story HERE.

    Great job, Ami!

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    I didn't notice that you specified a year for when you'd find your $2. Try being more specific and see if that helps. Also, I find that if a say a prayer of gratitude thanking my Heavenly Father in advance (for whatever it is that I'm visualizing) as though I have already received it, that it makes a HUGE difference in achieving my goal. Hope this helps. Good luck with achieving your goals and keep on dreaming.


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