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    email to Leslie 11/28/07:

    Thank you Leslie for your email. I just finished watching your stickman presentation and I have so many ideas swimming through my mind. I really need to invest in notebooks, I could write so much with what is currently in my mind. While reading the Jackrabbit Factor, I had the most amazing feeling. That you were reminding me of something that I already knew, but had forgotten. Now I have heard some of these concepts before, but with a different focus (More on the materialism and the fact that God owes it to us, rather than yes ‘things’ can be good, but not the focus of our life, and it is only by living through His guidance that we truly can receive what He wants for us.) Anyhow, The amazing thing was that I had discredited most of this information as “money is the root of all evil” and tossed it out. While reading your book it all became clear. Money is not bad, the love of money to the exclusion of everything else is bad, but money can be a tool in His hands, if we allow it to be. I am rambling, as my thoughts are just starting to form and I need to clarify them, like I said I need to invest in Notebooks.

    Mainly I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge in a way that truly spoke to my soul. I really felt that I was reminded of things that I had learned before this life, and needed to be reminded. I thank you as well as a very good friend of mine that happened to casually mention your program in an email she sent to me, without knowing why she was mentioning it. But now I know why, it is because I needed to hear it.

    Again thank you so very much, I am SO looking forward to my journey, not only for monetary gain and freedom, but to truly reach my dreams!!


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