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    email to Leslie 8/14/07:

    Hello Leslie,

    Thank you for sharing your thinking....I think. (Sometimes I love you, and
    sometimes I hate you! This is hard stuff!) I want more of it...I think.
    I'm in the middle of that anxiety you talk about in the stickman
    presentation. I have the dumb belief that there isn't "enough", and not
    only that, but I should "know better" than to even ask for some. I am now
    learning (because of people like you) that there is an abundance all around
    me. And mix those two ideas, and I get that anxiety. And now, I can
    identify that the anxiety is just that the new truth has made it to my
    subconscious mind...and that's a good thing...but how do I push through the
    depression, and the paralysis that is there during the anxiety and fear?
    I want to believe that there is abundance, but how do I let that belief win
    the "battle" my mind is having with the old belief that there isn't enough?...

    Thanks for sharing your paradigm with me....even though it's so hard.


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    It’s called Earth Watch and I found it on http://www.dawnmusic.com. Not sure who the artist is, but you can look it up and see what it says…


    Here's the direct link:

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    Hello again Leslie,

    Thank you for addressing my strugglings...

    I love the music you've chosen for your 4-minute video. Can you tell me who the artist is, and if they have other music they've done. It puts my heart in a very pleasant/grateful vibration. It makes me very happy.



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    The only way to push through is to choose actions that correspond to the new idea. To help you do that, continue to feed the part of you that fights for change, and starve the part that wants to go back to the comfort zone. Your environment has a lot to do with whether or not you feel the support you need to take action. By environment, I simply mean what kind of "input" you take in on a daily
    basis. Keep your mind fed with elevating input - whether it be books, audios, or music to help you be strong. If you don't continually feed your mind, then it will feed itself on old thought habits.

    Yeah, sometimes I've hated Bob Proctor too for all the same reasons, and he knows it. I won't hold it against you if you feel hate. 🙂


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