Testing the Universe?

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    emailed to Leslie 6/27/07

    I have unofficially advanced this month to another status in my business (technically the company will call me July 10th to officially tell me), I know a lot of what you have taught me and I have applied is due to this advancement.

    Now going into summer months, business normally tends to slow sometimes even decline, and my challenge is to keep the momentum I've had in June continue! I know if it does, the principles you teach are working. Am I testing the Universe thinking this way?

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    Just remain peaceful no matter what. Anticipate growth and continually look for signs of it. Remember the law of Rhythm and the law of Polarity, too.

    Success comes in waves. There's nothing wrong with the tide receding a little because beyond that is another big wave, which can't make a splash without the tide receding a little first.

    So more power to you if it continues through the summer, celebrate it!

    If it doesn't, THAT'S when it is most critical to think right. It's easy to think right when things are good. Stay committed to optimism and take it one day at a time. Refuse to anticipate hard times... just plan on dealing with them in the moment they come instead of ahead of time.

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