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    emailed to Leslie 11/30/06

    I've got to bring you up-to-date with what's I've come to discover lately in my life. As you well know, "nothing of the spirit -- is ever a coincidence."

    As you know, I stumbled on to you and your works while reading "The Attractor Factor" by Joe Vitale back in June 2005. From reading Joe's book, I had gained further interest in similar topics and came across your "Jackrabbit Factor" flash video and the rest is history.

    Jumping forward -- from all that's taken place since my first email from you on 7/24/05 to date. Two weeks ago I'm organizing my messy bookshelf and stumble across "The Christmas Box Miracle" by Richard Paul Evans.
    My wife and I had received this book a few years ago from her parents on Christmas. My wife had read it (and has read "The Christmas Box" as well -- something I have yet to read). I still haven't created time to read, "The Christmas Box" but am certain I will get to it before the end of this year.

    The real point is this -- for some reason I felt I should read "The Christmas Box Miracle" and my reading began. I couldn't believe how enthralled I became with this book and how difficult it is to get a book published. It was then and there that my thoughts were reflected upon you and your works.

    At that point in time I gained even greater respect and appreciation (in some small way) for all the time and efforts you have gone through to get your books published and all the hurdles and obstacles you navigated along the way, all the patience, tolerance and support you have received from your husband, children, family and friends.

    You are an inspiration to all in moving mountains, achieving goals, higher potential and living live to the fullest....

    May God Bless you and yours always in all you stand in need of....

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