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    September 2008 (the month I found out I was expecting our 5th child) we decided as a family that it’s time to move into a larger home. We decided what kind of home and neighborhood we would like to live in, wrote it down and picked a target date.

    This is the gist of what we decided we would like in our next home:

    -move in summer 2009
    -2500-3000 sq feet home
    -5 bedroom, living room, family room
    -2 bathrooms
    -with in walking distance to the LDS church
    -in a quiet neighborhood with sidewalk lined streets
    -home is newer (20 years or less) or completely updated
    -large back yard
    -full size basement
    -beautiful garden area in back yard
    -wooden play structure for the children

    The home we currently own and reside in is just a little 1000 sq feet, 3 br, 1 bath ranch in an old neighborhood.

    How were we going to do this? Very simply, we explained to the children the following:

    You see, what you focus on in your life is what you will create in your life. Here is a simple formula from Mike Dooley’s book, “Notes from The Universe.”

    How to manifest absolutely anything…..
    1. “Ask” once
    2. Give thanks often

    That’s it! We ask God, then act as if we’ve already received it and give thanks daily for that what we asked for.

    It’s like going to a restaurant and placing an order. After we place the order we patiently wait for the food to come, we don’t ask again and again, we don’t leave the restaurant in a fury because we don’t expect the food to come. We wait with anticipation and gratitude. We do our part

    For the last several months I’ve been doing my part by packing, re-painting and preparing the home to sell. As a family we have been pretending that we were living in our larger home. I’d tell the kids to go downstairs to be noisy, or go use the other bathroom, etc. In our prayers we expressed gratitude for our new home and the exciting things that were in store for us.

    On Monday for family home evening we were so excited to tell the kids that we will be moving this July into a larger home. Here are the details:

    -move in July 2009
    -4000 sq feet home
    -5 bedrooms, sewing room and office (total 7)
    -3 1/2 bathrooms
    -family room, living room, rec room downstairs
    -w/i walking distance to LDS church
    -in a quiet neighborhood, on a cul de sac with sidewalk lined streets
    -15 year old home
    -large back yard
    -large finished basement
    -beautiful garden area in back yard
    -no play structure, but we can add that (o=

    It’s better than we imagined! The “how” came in a way I NEVER would have expected. Wallace D. Wattles says that you “image” the thing, and the Universe will find the most efficient way of bringing it to you. Well, we did “image” the thing and God brought it to us.

    How? Did our income go up significantly? No. Did we sell our home and find a huge bargain on this bigger home? No. Are we moving to a state where homes are significantly cheaper? No. (Actually that option is what I thought would have to happen). My dad came up with this idea of playing musical houses. He’s moving into another home he owns, I’m moving into his home he’s occupying now which is way too big for empty nesters and my newly wed sister is moving into my home. I’ll continue paying my current mortgage, while living in a much more expensive home and my sister will live in my home for free while saving up to purchase a home of her own. This way I still have time to get my home ready to sell and sell it later when the market improves.


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    AWESOME!!! That’s so great! Scott and I needed this lesson today. We will stop worrying about the “HOW”!!! You deserve this wonderful blessing!

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    Well done Tammy that is wonderful!!!For one more time i understood that if you can hold it in your mind you can hold it in your hands!Your success story insprires me to have faith and never give up until i make it up!!!Thank you for sharing with us!!!!Be always well!!!!

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    Way to go, Tammy! I remember talking to you about this a while back! I’m so glad it is all coming together! You deserve it!

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    Congratulations, Tammy! I love how you are getting more than you even asked for! God is so incredibly generous!

    Thanks for the reminder that when we stop trying to figure the “how,” we allow God to work in miraculous ways!

    Thanks for sharing that great news — you just made my day!

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    That is so exciting Tammy! I love hearing about people’s successes. It is interesting how often things come in different ways then we expect or different even then we ever could have imagined. I liked the two step process that you quoted. It is a good reminder. Thank you for sharing!

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