The Terror Barrier

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    I have been learning for some time about stepping out of my comfort zone, and that that’s where growth lies, however this past week was the first time I have ever truly stepped through the terror barrier. I was physically shaking, couldn’t stop crying (being 9 months pregnant with our 7th helped contribute to that one), and was trying not to hyper-ventilate. Yet in my heart, I was at peace. The physical terror barrier is REAL!
    My husband and I had been studying out some changes that needed to be made with his current JOB and his own personal business. We had prayed and felt that we should make some pretty drastic changes (that he should go part time with his JOB and put more into his personal business). Well when the day came that he asked me if he should officially do that, and make the offer to his boss to go part time with them, I couldn’t say, “Yes”. While I was at peace with it in my heart, and we both knew some drastic changes needed to be made, we were not financially in a place where it would “make sense” to do this. I realized that I had some pretty deep programming about having a “steady job” in order to provide and be responsible. However, I knew it was the right course to take, so I finally told him to do what he already knew needed to be done (after my physical near-break-down). He spoke to his supervisor on Friday, and that next day was the best day we’ve had (individually and as a family) in longer than I can remember. It was beautiful! A literal dream come true!
    While we are still on shaky financial ground (at best), I know that by us stepping through that terror barrier we opened the door to bigger and greater blessings to come to us so we can realize our goals and dreams!
    If you find yourself at a place where you have to either step forward and break through that terror barrier or go back to the devil you know, I promise that the satisfaction of stepping through is so much better than the disappointment you’d feel if you went back. Take that step! We don’t have to see the entire path to know it’s taking us somewhere, we just have to have the faith to take the first step and trust that God will guide us the rest of the way-even when we can’t see. We just keep holding on to our vision and trust God to guide our feet to get us there. Our job is to do what He tells us-even if that means standing still.

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