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    An ancient prophet in the Western Hemisphere taught that without opposition we would not appreciate, be grateful for, or recognize the good, the happiness, the accomplishments meant for us in life. 2 Nephi 2:11, 23.

    I remember the relief that washed over me after the pain of a tooth abcess when the pressure was relieved. I remember bearing children with the mantra, “by this time tomorrow, by this time tomorrow”, and feeling the wonder and joy of holding a new baby. I remember the comfort and safety of a relationship that replaced lonliness. I remember depression and trying to also remember, ‘that this too shall pass’, because it seemed to keep reappearing.

    Intellectually, I understood Christ’s teachings, that we would not appreciate all the good things meant for us in this life, without feeling some of the opposition we have to go through to gain them. Getting this message emotionally came from learning the Law of Rhythm as it applies to me .
    It more fully helped me to see what is taught scripturally, and to believe it.

    For me the laws of Rhythm (what we experience), Relativity (how we relate to it), Polarity (how we see it and what we do with it), are closely connected.
    Relatively for instance, always sounded like a scientific term to me, or the basis of an argument, ie, that Christ’s doctrines were ‘relative’ to the current culture. So on one hand I appreciated Einstein and what he discovered, and on the other hand I was prepared to argue that true Christian principles were not relative. The story is told of a university student whose professor insisted there were no absolutes. The student asked, “are you sure?” “Absolutely”, the professor replied……

    Now, having understood the laws as Leslie teaches them, I understand the Law of Rhythm is one of the laws that effects my life. I can now say during a time of opposition, that ‘by this time tomorrow’ (relatively speaking), I will be on top again, and things could always be worse. Just watching world news tells us that. And as long as I can ‘lean on the law’ as she recommends, and the upsanddowns continue in an upward trend, I will be applying the laws and profiting from them.

    What great laws to understand on a personal basis!


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