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    I believe that one of the ultimate dream jobs for me would be to do what you do. Help people learn to help themselves. I imagine myself helping others in that 6 month course over the phone and loving it. I have experienced loving a job in my mind and believeing that it was the ultimate job for me when upon trying it out, I discovered that it was all wrong. Do you personally train people to do what you do? Would it be possible to meet with you so I can get a real feel about what I would be doing? I would like to find out if I would really love that job before going ahead and doing it.

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    I believe you're going through the Family Time and Money Freedom home study course right now. I have a number of recommendations but let’s talk some more about your dream job as you get near the end of the program.

    Sounds like you could be a great mentor, an opportunity for people who graduate with honors from the course. We don’t have training in place yet (as of November 2007) but will soon. I'll pick up on this conversation some more in the private Family Time and Money Freedom Participants section of the forum.

    (To participate in this program or get more information, click here.)

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