Tithing 1/2 my income

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    Two principles of the Science of Success or LOA are gratitude and giving. I have been a tither all of my adult life and have always had my needs met. Two years ago I resigned from my job as a school superintendent due to my daughter's illness. I assumed I would find another job easily when she recovered. I have been unemployed for since but a year ago after the Secret I began to tithe 1/2 my income from a network marketing business. From that time, my income has steadily fallen to almost nothing. I never get out of bed without sincerely thanking God for the blessings in my life, including my daughter's recovery. As a researcher, I have spent almost a year being attracted to numerous books on attraction (Allen, Wattle, Proctor,you, etc.)I don't just read--I study and always test according to scripture. Prosperity and abundance in finances and relationships continue to allude me. Can you help?

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    There is another principle, called the 60/40 rule. My husband and i ahve been doing it for almost a year now and have seen amazing results. First you pay your 10% to tithe, then you pay 10% to philanthropy, not expecting anything back. Then you pay 10% to a long term savings, such as a 401k, or some other retirement plan. And lastly you pay 10% to yourself in s short term savings, for emergencies, or large purchases. While we cannot currently do the 60/40 to our total income, we apply it to all our "extra" income, or income we are not expecting. Last year when we started we did not have any extra money at all, and were only paying the tithe part. Now I am amazed how often we get random checks in the mail. As long as we use the 60/40 principle it keep flowing. Also, we have reached a point where we are able to allocate 30% of our usual income to the 60/40 principle, and are very close to being able to go the complete 40%. For us this is HUGE!!! The other amazing thing is that our standard of living has actually increased, as we have shown God how we can handle the money we've been blessed with, He continues to bless us with more.

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    I've taken note of your question and will consider addressing it more completely in the home study course if it seems to be a common type of question among our respondents, but I did have one thought that I wanted to respond to you directly with.

    A tithe is, by definition, only a "tenth" of your increase. So if you want to be a completely honest tither, 10% is all that God requires. If you choose to give more than that, that's up to you, but beyond 10% it is a donation, and I believe it's important for you to distinguish the difference in your own mind, at least. God only requires 10%, and if you give more than that with a grateful, generous heart then may God bless you abundantly for it.

    Now, here's something for you to just consider. There were times when I tried to do something similar. I was at the end of all I had, and thought God could do better with the last of my money than I could, and in truth, He can. However, I ultimately had to accept the fact that He expected ME to take the resources he had blessed me with, and learn how to multiply it FOR Him. He wanted me to be a wise and faithful servant... read the parable of the talents again and see how the master responded to the three different servants. He wants us to take what he has given us and multiply it.

    Consider being committed to a simple 10% for a while, knowing that as you are wise with the remainder, He can bless you, and then He will continue to receive 10% of whatever it is he blesses you with. He will receive more from you in the long run if you take the portion he has NOT required of you, and use it to get on your feet and ultimately create more income than ever.

    If this idea doesn't feel right, then please just disregard it and do whatever your conscience tells you to do.

    If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you view the Stickman Video

    Hope this helps!


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