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    I went back to the doctor today to find out if my renewed sinus/ear pain was due to a recurrence of the infection. It’s not, and he suggested some remedies, gave me some decongestant he thought might help clear it up and remove the pain, and suggested I take a week off and rest.

    There was something interesting, that I didn’t notice when I visited him a couple of weeks ago. I will probably call and ask what my blood pressure and pulse were then, two weeks ago.

    Back during the summer, when I was super-focused and working really hard to grow my business, I had a routine checkup for my foot, and my blood pressure was high. It usually runs about 120 or 110/80 or 90, and it was up in the danger zone for anyone. It stayed that way a little while, but eased back down. My resting pulse, which is usually around 80, was 100 at that time.

    I started going to the gym and eating more healthfully, and it went on down and stayed down. Then I got busy with work, quit going to the gym, and got violently ill. So the last week, at least, I’ve been pretty quiet and spent a lot of time resting.

    Today my bp was around 120/80, and my resting pulse was 68. So while I have been experiencing headaches and earaches, and feeling very frustrated with my body, it’s actually been doing what I didn’t have the sense to do–getting healthy. The infection is gone, but my body was still saying, “You need to take it easy and back off things for a while.”

    It’s also been a good time for me to reflect on the patterns of behavior I sometimes practice, and how to be more kind to myself.

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