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    I have a question for you. Back in May, my children wanted to have a yard sale to buy a swing set. Instead, we decided to give the stuff away and look for a better swing set. It is now July, and I haven't found a good deal nor have I found anyone that wants to sell theirs. So, the thought came to me that I actually have enough money to buy the swingset we want in a cash fund I keep in our safe. I decided to go ahead and purchase the swing set with that money and look forward for the money making opportunities for making that money back. Is this possibly the answer I had this whole time? Should I look for good deals, or money making opportunities when I actually have enough cash stashed away? I don't like not having any cash available.

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    When we use the principles, the solutions come in the most natural, convenient way possible. That is why we have to get our heads out of the way sometimes and not be too bent on the "how" it needs to happen. If you are now concerned about the cash on hand, then use the principles now to create the specific figure you have in mind. Above all else, watch your thoughts that you don't allow yourself to shift into feeling negative. Stress, fear, and upset will work counter to the very thing you're trying to accomplish.

    When I have used the vacuum law to see the kind of miracles I've shared with you, it has been when there was really no other way. I think that it will serve you best to allow yourself to be grateful that you had a way, and acknowledge God's hand in providing a way for your children to have that swingset. He could have sent any number of calamities to deplete that fund before giving you the chance to provide that blessing for them. I suggest you relax, be grateful, and look for ways to replace the fund with a peaceful expectant heart.

    The natural thing to do would be to feel gyped or angry that things didn't work out like you expected. How you think at a time like this is a bigger opportunity now, than even when you were trying to find the way in the first place. If you choose to think differently than what comes naturally, then you aren't giving your power away to an external circumstances.

    Remember, the miracles needed generally happen at the END of all we can do.

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