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    I am so excited to have this forum back!!! I have missed it so much!

    I have attended your SGR (Science of Getting Rich) seminar, your stickman seminars, and read both of your books! Our lives have been greatly blessed because we now understand and apply these concepts! Thanks for getting me started on this journey two years ago - it's been a great two years! We have had a move, and have doubled our compensation in this time - as a direct result of what we learned from your teachings!

    I am currently working on your Family Time and Money Freedom Home Study Program, and I have been looking all over for this forum! I'm glad it's back! I'm so excited to continue the journey and keep going to the next level!

    Looking forward to learning a lot!
    Alisa Hancock

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    Thanks for remembering, Alisa! I feel like I have made some great lifelong friends here, too. And the bonus to making new friends is that I have some of the greatest minds who keep me on track and keep me thinking the way I should!

    How grateful I am for this site and all the friends!

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    I've been here since the end of March, or early April, and it's hard to believe it's been such a short time.

    This group is one of the main reasons I've grown and prospered so much (and that's an understatement!) in the last nine months. It's almost impossible to make this stuff work on your own.

    I sometimes get cranky or depressed, but I know you guys will put up with it till I feel better 🙂

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    HERE, HERE!! *clink (sound of my apple juice glass!);)

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    Happy Anniversary, Thoughts Alive Forum! I'm not sure what the official launch date was, but I only found one post on Nov. 30, and all the rest were Dec. 1 or later, 2007! One year ago today. At any rate, I posted for the first time one year ago today!

    I've learned and grown so much and made so many friends this past year! I can't believe it's only been a year - it feels like I've known the friends I've made here much longer than that!

    A virtual toast (with apple juice, of course): Here's to many, many more great years ahead of us.... And may we learn as much or more every year as we have this past year!!!

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