Whales for fun!

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    Denise Wallace

    For one of my midterm inconsequential goals I really wanted to see the whales. It is whale season here in Hawaii and I wanted to see the whales without paying for an excursion. So I visualized seeing the whales as I was in my sailing class at fosters point. I did ask to see them before the end of my sailing class season which is this Friday. Last Saturday we took my son to buy stuff for his Aquaponics system and by the time we were done the traffic was terrible. So we took a differant route home. Just as we got to Makapuu light house my son yells. "I just saw a whale". We pulled over and watched the whales spout water. It was so cool!! As we proceeded to drive home we saw more and more whales. We even stopped at Sandy beach again and watched them for a little while longer.

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