What a relief!

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    I was so excited to be reminded that every situation has it’s good and bad! What a relief to realize that although it “seems” like our financial situation got “worse” after I started learning about these laws, that actually it just is what it is and what is good about the seeming downturn is that we are learning some very valuable lessons that will certainly be beneficial in taking care of the certain and abundant upturn!

    I suppose this lesson could also be applied to other laws as well. They’re all so connected anyway!


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    I always trying to see the things only in a good way..recently i lost a job in a beautiful yacht because they let me know two days after when they found an engineer..The first think i said was it is ok never mind i will find very soon a better yacht to work as an engineer every obstacle i face is only to make me more strong and to believe more to myself that i will make it up very soon!!!I also felt gratitude and i said to myself that the person who took the job to be always well and to have a great time to his new job!!!!I try to think by the creative plane and not by competitive..

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    I love a good analogy. They are one of the best ways to drive home a thought.

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    When my son was under a year old he still drank from a bottle. He’d find an empty one on the floor and try to drink out of it. When he realized that it was empty he’d scream. When I took the bottle away from him he’d fall to the floor and pitch a HUGE fit. I’d clean out and refill the bottle all the while he was still screaming. Then I’d hand it back to him. Often he would still be so upset that he wouldn’t notice the bottle was back and full.

    I think we do this as adults sometimes. Although our situation seems worse it is actually getting better. If we are so busy throwing fits that we aren’t ready to receive the good we will never be satisfied.

    I have to keep telling myself, be patient the bottle is coming. 🙂

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