Which of Leslie's Books or products have had the greatest impact on you?

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    We would like to hear which of Leslie's books have facilitated the greatest change in you, your circumstances, your thinking, your emotional well-being, your level of peace and confidence, your faith, etc.

    Thank you in advance for sharing. Your willingness to contribute will bless the lives of many.


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    I do agree that they realy do build on each other. Without the books I wouldn't have even known about the home study course. I think that the home study course has had the MOST impact on me. The two books confirmed many ideas I had already studied. They connected with me on a more personal level and helped me feel comfortable with theses laws. I was still having a difficult time implementing them in my day-to-day life. The FTMF course had given me the push I needed to live the way that brings all this knowledge together. Plus, I get to re-read most of the Jackrabbit book again while I’m studying which is good because my copy is on loan to a friend.


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    I have to agree with the others. It was really hard to say which has the most impact. They are all amazing and build on the others. Of course, the home study course stands to make the biggest change because WE have to put EFFORT into it! It requires us to think and to write and to change. But none of that would have happened if it weren't for the Jackrabbit Factor and Hidden Treasures.

    We always tell people to read those books first. I am so excited for the new courses, because we have shared those as well. Of course, I tell those who are serious to get the home study course to make the biggest change in their life!

    Thanks for all you are doing to help us! It has truly been life-changing!


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    Can't choose, but I did choose the home study course because it causes me to think more deeply about it all. I read Hidden Treasures and though it was good, even did some of the writing. A few months later I read it again and couldn't put it down. I was very powerful. As Bob Proctor says, "When you read a book and see something new, it isn't something new in the book but something new in you that you bring to it."---or something like that. Thank you both for all of it.

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    I agree with everyone else. It's all wonderful and useful and so integrated that it's hard to pick just one. They just complement eachother so well and I go a level deeper in my understanding after each re-reading. Thanks for making this available for us!


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    You're right. The above poll is flawed. I suspect that's the reason why more people haven't contributed to the poll. Either that, or they haven't noticed it's there.

    I think it would be better to have a survey, so that more specific questions and answers could be given.

    So what makes sense, here? Would the most effective thing be to ask what impact each product has made? I was trying to simplify the answering process for each of you, but think I oversimplified!

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    OK, Trevan, asking me to list what my favorite product or book is on your poll, is like asking me to choose my favorite child! No way--they all fit together, complement each other, and work together. The cool thing is that each time I read or study a principle, my understanding increases. I guess that is sort of like, the more you get to know your children, the more you love them. . .right? :58:

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    I just finished reading "Hidden Treasures". I loved "Jackrabbit Factor" and wasn't sure that I would like "Hidden Treasures" as much. Other people raved about it but their descriptions of the content made me wonder if it would be kind of dry-- like reading a textbook.

    As I got into it, though, I couldn't put it down. Now I'm even more excited. It was a superb book and very inspirational. I loved all the scriptural support and quotes by the general authorities. I'm glad I read "Jackrabbit Factor" first because it was a great introduction to the concepts and gave me a framework of understanding to build upon. But "Hidden Treasures" is the one I will be going back to over and over. Thanks for your great work.

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    I can't answer just one. It's the culminating effects from Jack Rabbit and Hidden Treasures. Actually - the seminar has also helped to continue to clarify. JR was only the opener for me. Hidden gave me the whys. The seminar gave me the hows.

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