• Claire started the topic So much to learn! in the forum Introductions 7 years ago

    There is so much to say about so much that is being offered! How generous this is! I have just listened to Leap of Faith and so will comment on that. The acknowledgment of God, that He is the source of all good in our lives, but understanding how to pray for instance, without wavering is touched on, in this interview. Leslie goes through all…[Read more]

  • I went through the ‘Laws’ course a few years ago, and understanding the stickman was so superior to all I had learned on my own regarding the subconscious and how to reach it and how to change behavior. Leslie’s program put me over the top in ‘curing’ depression. This understanding and a diet change can do that, and prescription pills are not…[Read more]

  • I enter imagination, a room quiet and still.
    Creating a place of endeavor where pure thought becomes real,
    Where nothing else matters, I’ll impress my mindful will,
    And finally, with gratitude, see myself as I wish to feel.

    Rich in abundance is life in this place
    Of pure crystal sounds, musical lights and a feeling of grace
    For it is my dream, i…[Read more]

  • The happiest people are those who are producing, those who are working at something.

    Growing up in the 50’s, when companies recognized that loyalty to it’s workforce meant dedicated employees, when retirement was a part of the package, when a person could depend on staying with a company for 20 -30 years, work expectations and maybe even ethics,…[Read more]

  • Claire started the topic Voices in the forum Better With Age 11 years, 1 month ago

    July 8th 2008


    They are in our minds. Past voices heard and remembered, voices read that left tracks, other’s body language that leaves a lasting impression, they are there, in our minds.

    A child’s mind retains what is given them by parents, first. All the do’s and do not’s , or at least those that impressed us are still there, to give…[Read more]

  • For the sleepless (and wrinkled).

    Play it again…..and again……and again…

    Every home has a ‘listener’, one who listens for disturbances. In my home it was me, even as a child, the creaking of the timbers, the jangling of the joists, the things that go bump, always had my attention. As a young mother, we become listeners as that is our job. W…[Read more]

  • Everyone has regrets, this I know. But at age 67 the reality is this: when we were younger with the vicissitudes of earning a living, raising children and larger commitments in service, regrets were pushed into a mental file marked, “worry about this later”.

    Now it is later, and one of the regrets is that memory problems haven’t wiped out all t…[Read more]

  • I fell in love with this illustration when Leslie first introduced me to it. Years prior to that I had learned an iceberg was a symbol for the conscious and the sub-conscious mind, with the conscious representing about 1/3 of the mind. Learning to reach the subconscious is the stuff of meditation, and self hypnosis techniques. And they work, but…[Read more]