• Discovering Your Hidden Resources / Secrets of Resourcefulness Study

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    What Would YOU do if You Ran Out of Money? Would you roll over and give up, or tap into your hidden resources? What are your hidden resources? How do you get to them? Discover:What to do if the money ever runs out What is your only REAL source of security How to discover your life’s

  • Working With the 7 Laws of Success Study

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    When the law of attraction doesn’t quite work like you expect it to, it’s time to get the rest of the story. Sit in on this intimate discussion about the seven laws, addressing aspects that are not covered in Leslie's books.What does it mean when I finally set a goal properly, and all heck breaks

  • The Science of Getting Rich Study

    9 Lessons in

    Discover how to use the power of your thoughts to build wealth without competition. Based on Wallace Wattle’s century-old book, the principles have been time-tested over multiple generations. Learn to rely on success principles, and increase your faith to help you overcome the illusions of scarcity. You’ll discover why you CAN trust in the principles,

  • Stickman Video Gems

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  • Jackrabbit Factor Power Tips

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  • Mindset Mastery™

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    The MINDSET MASTERY™ Course (previously known as FTMF) retrains your mind to think according to the Universal Laws of Thought. It does not just tell you how to think to achieve success, it facilitates that change. During Phase 1, students set and achieve an "Inconsequential Goal". After experiencing success in something "little", they are able

  • Ideal Life Vision

    15 Lessons in

    I am pleased to present an introduction to Ann Webb's Ideal LifeVision training. Ann has developed a proven system for fine-tuning your goals and creating a tool that works with directly with your subconscious mind for optimal results. This course is a segment of her full program, which will help you gain additional clarity, and

  • Body Language Show

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    Is your body language in alignment with the words you are saying? What if the things holding you back from outrageous success were so simple that you could make a few minor adjustments, and start seeing improvement immediately? Just as a picture instantly conveys information, your body language speaks volumes about you. Do you know

  • Mentor Training

    59 Lessons in

    Are you PASSIONATE about helping others? Is there a message inside of you that’s so big, you feel like you might burst? Are you ready to take your understanding of the principles to the next level? Does life keep throwing obstacles in your way to keep you from finding and fulfilling your purpose? (Are you

  • Genius Bootcamp Facilitator Training

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    Train to teach Bootcamp