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QT Chronicles
January 17, 2019

Not today, Queen Creek Sheriff Officer. You will not get away with it today!

It seemed colder than 42' when I climbed into my pickup at 5:30am this morning. The ... See more

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This story oozes with Rare Faith principles on both sides. #abundantmindset #gratitude #whattheprinciplesarefor #rarefaith #polarity #rhythm #seaofgalillee #gestation

This man gave away his motor home to a single mother who was left homeless following the California wildfires. via HeartThreads

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"A Dream is a Wish You Heart Makes" by Disney Princess Cinderella (live cover by Stephanie Madsen)

Have you ever heard the second verse lyrics??

This is my favorite Disney song!! I love dreaming and wishing upon stars 🙂 There is so much power in positive thinking!!! My favorite line from the song: "d...

1 month ago
Our Crazy Family Christmas Tradition

Time to share this again; it's a tradition, after all. (Plus, what booby traps have to do with the true meaning of Christmas...)

For 43 years, Householder children have been determined to get to the presents without waking the parents.But for the last two generations, Dad has gone

1 month ago

Progress requires faith. Progress despite insurmountable odds requires #RareFaith.

1 month ago
Jennifer’s Graduation Spotlight

Read about Jennifer's "TOO BIG" goal. Congratulations, Jennifer!

I’m pleased to present Jennifer de Azevedo Suttner as a new Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate! Jen

1 month ago


Jackrabbit Factor is finally on AUDIBLE! Two down, one to go...

1 month ago
The Daily Goalcast

Watch to the end.

Before becoming the world's biggest music manager, Scott "Scooter" Braun was broke and lost, with only a couple of dollars to his name...all until he received a phone call that changed his life ... See more

1 month ago

"There have always been some difficulties in mortal life, and there always will be. But knowing what we know, and living as we are supposed to live, there really is no place, no excuse, for pessimism ... See more

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