Success is governed by universal law.

Discover What's Possible when you...

Every success is governed by universal law.

Discover What's Possible when you...

Beat the Odds

Miracles are profound, meaningful experiences of synchronicity that can be difficult to explain. But understanding how to qualify for them is no longer a mystery.

Discover Miracles Made Simple

Solve the Problem:

The solution to EVERY problem is only an idea away, and the unique idea YOU need is closer than you think. We'll help you identify it.

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Take the Challenge!

Walk step-by-step through two powerful experiments that show you first-hand the power of your own thoughts.

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Develop "Rare Faith"

We'll show you how to live with the kind of faith that CAUSES things to happen.

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Live the principles and enjoy:

Measurable Results

Get the money and resources you need. Take the risk out of taking risks. Overcome obstacles.

Uncommon Confidence

Discouraged or stuck? Meant for something more? Ready for a breakthrough?

Peace of Mind

Worried about your future? Feeling disconnected or unsupported? Uncertain what to do next?


"Our mission is to help you turn lack into abundance, pain into relief, and weakness into strength. Where do you see yourself in ten years? Perfect. Let’s get started."

Trevan and Leslie Householder, co-founders, School of Life Mastery

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What Students are Saying:

Eva Doherty Gremert

“This program was incredible. … It was exactly what I needed. … I am looking forward to recommending it to my friends.”

Ammen Harper

“Within a couple of weeks I received the promotion to Director and a sizable salary increase… thank you...”

Miki Brewster

“… life-changing. It was so wonderful to be able to put into practice the principles of prosperity ... simple and yet so effective. It works!”

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Tyler Watson

"I have been in personal development for years and I run a successful multiple six figure training company. However, I was feeling overwhelmed with life and felt like something was off. ... I felt like I wasn’t connecting to God or my bigger purpose.  … [Now] I feel more directed, more connected, and more sure. That, to me, is worth thousands of dollars, as it is the core of true success. My relationship with my wife has gotten sweeter, and I feel like I am back on track. … I will go through your course again and again ..."

Adele Markum

“Have you ever felt called to do something … something that is so outside of your comfort zone that it scares you? And you hesitate, because you’re not certain what step to take first? I was in that place before I registered ... As I ... began applying these principles to my thoughts, I noticed significant changes in how I was able to handle the challenges of life, and in the results that started to show up. ... I feel more confident now in the future because I know what to expect from the laws! ... It all starts with setting a sturdy foundation ...”​

Ken and Debbie Carroll

“... our lives were shattered. We excitedly worked through the Mindset Mastery program and saw immediate changes in our lives. ... We made $100,000 in a network marketing business. I used these principles to discover my true passion and purpose in life and against incredible odds was hired in my dream job competing with more than a thousand other qualified applicants. We used these principles to find a beautiful home that we now live in. We continue to achieve our dreams and goals because we now know how.”

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Hyrum W. Smith, Co-founder Franklin Covey, CEO Galileo

“I have spent many years teaching people how to gain control of their time and ultimately their lives. The principles so uniquely taught [here] …take everything I have done a step further. ... The person who can comprehend and internalize the laws of thought as they are beautifully analogized in these pages, will realize any dream, effect any change, achieve any goal they desire.”

Bob Proctor, founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute and teacher of “The Secret”

“I am genuinely impressed … In a unique and creative way, …[Leslie's work] will lead her readers through successively increased levels of awareness and leave them not only with an uncommon confidence, but more importantly, with the ability to make any life change they desire … Success seekers of all degrees of knowledge and experience will benefit from this … ”

Mark Larson, best selling author of “Trade Stocks Online”

“For 15 years I have helped people achieve financial freedom in Real Estate and the Stock Market, but I have discovered that those who actually make it happen have first experienced a significant switch in their mentality and attitude. I am convinced that this… will actually facilitate that shift for those who are finally ready to live the abundant life, no matter what their vehicle to freedom may be.”

Experience Life Differently​

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