Achieving the Impossible

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Just because something appears to be impossible to you, that does not mean it is actually impossible. If it’s ever been done before, or if it’s something you can at least conceive, then it’s truly within the realm of possibility for you.

All enrollments include the Rare Faith Foundations ecourse.

Achieving the Impossible


Just because something appears to be impossible to you, that does not mean it is actually impossible. If it’s ever been done before, or if it’s something you can at least conceive, then it’s truly within the realm of possibility for you.

In this program, we’ll help you see HOW it’s possible, and then hold you accountable to take the steps that allow you to experience success with a piece of your vision that is currently beyond your natural control. We’ll help you get clear on what you want, so you can create an organized and inspired plan for achieving it with confidence.

This program will help you learn a skill for overcoming each challenge that keeps you from reaching your highest potential and achieving your goals. 

A 12 month small-group coaching program with Leslie Householder and 52 lessons. Application required, limited spots available. 

Start Date:

  • July 14, 2024 - meets weekly Wednesdays at 12pm PT


Payment options: 1-pay (save 5%) / 4-pay / 6-pay / 12-pay


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What our students are saying:


"Listen, if you are ready to dedicate the next year of your life to living on a new level of thinking and being in the world, then this is for you. If you want to accomplish what seems impossible to you, then this is for you. If you are super scared and wondering if it's worth the money, then this is for you. If you are barely scraping by and need a miracle to afford this program...then obtain the miracle money first and THEN join this program. Believe that if you feel inspired to join this program that God will provide a way to make it happen." Tyson Bradley
"Achieving the impossible course has been really amazing. I've learned and applied these laws and principles before but the weekly reading and meetings take the understanding and application of them to a whole new and deeper level. The weekly meetings are a great opportunity to dive even deeper and learn from everyone, which in turn allows you to learn and apply the principles even more. Leslie and her team have been amazing. They have so much experience to share. Leslie has an incredible way of helping you see things differently and on a higher vibration from where you may be thinking. I am so grateful to her for the work she has done to put this all together and for the opportunity to learn and apply everything on a weekly and daily basis." Ilija Vrajich
"Achieving the impossible has been exactly what I needed to help keep me focused and remind me of the principles ... I am so grateful for Leslie and her team and the heart and content they bring to each week’s call. I have also loved connecting with other passionate individuals pursuing their dreams." Emily Bell
"love these reminders that the Universe conspires to help us. And also that we don’t want the test to get easier. We want to BECOME more so that we can meet the challenges before us. Our goals have to be large enough to beckon us to take the risk to go into the 'adventure world'. ...I love it all! ... so powerful! And soooo true!" Christy L
"I am so grateful...! I was feeling like I have not made any progress since the beginning of class and that every week is the same, until I looked at my journal and realized I made a huge jump...!!" Tamara S
"[About] 'the waiting place between two different identities: being broke / living a poor life (the Common World), and being well off or at least comfortable / living an abundant life (the Adventure World).' I have been living between these two identities for longer than I care to tell. Living here has left me with a lot of fear of going forward, a lot of 'what if...(negative thought)'. Now I am beginning to realize that we are moving, ever so cautiously into the world of adventure. I had a couple of amazing Surprise Welcomes and Fascinating Encounters in just this last week!" Shauna B
"I am so grateful for this program!! It has allowed me to see my own possibilities, but then be on my journey to attain them! I've done a few of the other programs and, yes they are great, but this has helped me see clearly the laws and how I use them (or how I wasn't using them). Working with Leslie and her team is incredible. The love and compassion is most inspiring aside from the example they are leading with. If you want to go beyond your current thinking and dreaming... this is the course! I'm thankful for the accountability factor and the learning that's combined." Jamie Jensen
"I have always believed that when one door closes--another one opens, or two or three. The difficult part is staying optimistic until the new opportunities materialize. Thank you Leslie for the examples of what can come from faith, positive attitude, and action as directed by the spirit." Bill B
"'...we may struggle to believe that our dreams of any kind will come true if we have had previous dreams shattered and abandoned.' I felt this so much! This is one of the biggest challenges I have faced over this past year ... the feeling that when this start to 'go wrong' I begin to feel the 'oh no! It's happening again!' Learning to trust the process and truly believe that Heavenly Father will bless me with the fulfillment of my goals and dreams has really stretched me. I'm learning so much!!!" Michelle R

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