Mind Your Mind: Guiding Youth to Mindset Transformation

“I’ve been working through the Mindset Mastery course, and I’ve found myself thinking ... ‘I wonder if there’s a way to adapt this to children?’ and ‘I wonder what I can do to teach these principles to my kids?’ … I was overjoyed to see the email about your new programs for children!” – Audrey Jolly

Are you a parent, grandparent, or educator? 


Have you ever thought: “If only my KIDS could understand these principles!”


When you experience a shift learning the laws, naturally you want to share it with those you love. And while many parents know the laws would benefit their children, there are some who feel like they need something more accessible than The Jackrabbit Factor.

Parents and educators need Mindset Training written JUST for kids.

The curriculum you need to set your children up for success

When you purchase Mind Your Mind, you'll receive a complete set of lesson plans, visual aids, and training videos for yourself to help you know how to effectively guide your students or children to their own mindset transformation.

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Introducing Mind Your MIND:
A Student’s Guide to Mindset Transformation

For parents and teachers of youth ages 12-18, a comprehensive learning experience based on the training YOU’VE come to love, with lessons, a workbook, and powerful activities. Ideal for busy parents, teachers, and educators, scripted for convenience!

For parents and teachers of younger children, ages 5-11, we have Mind Your MIND Jr., introducing younger children to the concepts and vocabulary of Mind your MIND, preparing them for a deeper dive into these principles as they grow older.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to help your children or students understand the laws of thought (and learn them better yourself!), you’re going to love what we’ve created for you!

Teacher Feedback:

“When the kids talk about [Mind Your MIND], they light up!” – Heather P.

“The kids loved learning how our minds work. They loved doing the activities. We learned that we can change our thoughts to be positive.” – Rachel B.

Parent Feedback:

“This program has been a huge blessing in our house, and I can see things already starting to move for my kids. My wife and I are in the middle of a ton of stuff going on and I’m looking forward to the day that I can update you on our story and how God has blessed us as we put these principles into practice.” – Paul E.

“My children enjoyed this program so much and share with others. Would love it for my college children. It built confidence, patience, kindness, and understanding of others. They wish it would last longer and that they could have attended all of the meetings.” Trudy Swan

“I loved watching [my daughter] discover that she has the power to create her own mindset.”

“I liked everything about [my daughter] taking this class and seeing her find self-esteem.” -Rhonda Anderson

“Her attitude changed. Her thinking through hard things has helped a lot. She doesn’t blow up when she is upset. She things through the problems first.”

“I think you did fantastic. Thank you! [After each session] They would come home and teach me what they learned.”

Student Feedback:

“It was really great and fun!” – Emma Fletcher

“My favorite part of this class is getting to understand my mind.”

‘I liked learning about the bondage cycle and terror barrier. They seem they will be helpful to me.”

“I love this class.”

“I loved it.”

“[my favorite thing about this class is] keep it or kick it”

“It is the best!!!”

“This is the best class ever”

From our Beta Test Families:

“I’m enjoying this curriculum so much! What a great reminder for the parents teaching it! … I love the way you’ve made everything so simple and easy to understand. I love the activities and hands on application. I really appreciate the work you’ve done to break these concepts down into such a manageable format! … I am thoroughly enjoying teaching my children! … It has been such a great starting point for presenting the laws and principles in a more kid friendly way!” Sandy

“WONDERFUL PROGRAM! We are all loving it! Thank you so much! …My son is really getting it this week.” -Jolene Redmon

“My son is enjoying a lot the program. I’m sure this is going to be a game-changing program for him.” Jesus Juarez

“I have been working with the laws for years, and I have increased my understanding and awareness working through this work you have created for our youth! What a gift! … I LOVED this program!! It will live on. There is so much to continue with. … I absolutely loved being part of this …!! And we have so much more for ongoing learning and awareness! … This program is life changing! …I want you all to know I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in both programs. Everything I’ve done with … all you wonderful people involved in Rare Faith, has changed my life! I don’t even have the words. And working with this material created even more awareness for me. This helps me to live my life in a higher vibration, which my family can feel. It’s fun to watch their faces light up when they get it! They point out things to me. With deeper awareness of the principles, I see more opportunities in every day life to help my grandkids and their parents be aware of-that can change the way they experience the world and who they are in it! And going forward, I can refer back to all the treasures in the program as I see opportunities for growth and more awareness for the kids as they mature. Like we said in our meetings, this will keep on giving for years to come! I will … continue to share this with others. …what I see around me with family, friends, and the families I work with-the information in this format is a blessing for our youth. I can’t think of a better time to share this life changing material.” Christine Jones

“I thought it was a great program. I think it’s a beautiful way to help get these adult or abstract concepts into kids minds and get them starting to think about it. It helps them realize they can take charge. They can realize they have a choice. I love that about it.” Staci Anderson

“My experience with this program and my family has been really profound. My daughters give double thumbs up. It gave me as the facilitator and teacher, and them the youth learning it, the skills and tools to manage our thoughts and minds. Our youth are being attacked mentally and emotionally, and they don’t have the tools and skills to combat these attacks. And that’s what MYM provides the youth….the skills and tools to fight back with social media, peers at school. All that is really heavy and they are not getting this education in schools. Through MYM it helps parents teach these skills and tools to the children and we get to refresh ourselves. These principles are true and need to be studied often and consistently like anything that’s truth. I really appreciate you taking the time to create this curriculum, and making it very easy and scripted, out of the box ready to go. We open up the workbook, teacher’s manual and we have a lesson and a great discussion and a great activity. It has been really a great discussion thing for my family. I thank you very much for this. I highly recommend it for all families to teach their children these skills and these powerful principles.” -Sariah Schmickrath

“It’s something very repeatable. You can spend your whole life learning these concepts. It’s really good for a lifetime of learning and diving in deeper to learn new things each time.” -Sandy Steinfelt

Let’s do this. Your kids are worth it!

This program gives you all the lesson plans and curriculum you need to help your children or students understand success principles and the impact their mindset has on their results, and their future.

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Mind Your Mind (12-18)


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Mind Your Mind Jr.


For youth ages 5-11