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Mindset Fundamentals $37

(How Leslie's family tripled their income in 3 months)

An instantly accessible training for those who have goals, who want to understand how to use the principles to achieve them, and who wonder:

  • Where will the money will come from?
  • How long will I have to wait?
  • What if my life is a mess?
  • How can I take the risk out of taking risks?
  • What if I’m the only one who believes in my goal?
  • What if I don’t believe in myself?

One of the most common problems occurs when a student launches full-force into their goal-setting efforts with only a partial understanding of the principles. Inevitably, those efforts lead to frustration and failure. Too often, people experience this disappointment and give up before really understanding why it didn’t work out the way they hoped.

Mindset Fundamentals helps students get into the right headspace BEFORE taking that leap.

This program is ideal for those who have…

  1. begun to explore the power of their thoughts and are curious to find out if there’s really anything “to” it.
  2. heard something about the “laws of success”, but maybe things haven’t quite worked out the way they hoped.
  3. already had some success applying the principles, but want to take it up a notch.

Includes 3 easy-to-read and inspiring ebooks plus 20 additional lessons to help the student succeed.

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Independent study, start any time.


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What our students are saying:

Simple, Yet Life Altering

“I have been in personal development for over 4 years and I run a successful multiple six figure training company. However, I was feeling overwhelmed with life and felt like something was off. I was doing all the motions but I felt like I wasn’t connecting to God or my bigger purpose. I felt like I needed to recalibrate and focus, so I enrolled in Mindset Fundamentals with Leslie. The changes … are small and simple, yet life altering. I feel more directed, more connected, and more sure. That, to me, is worth thousands of dollars, as it is the core of true success. My relationship with my wife has gotten even sweeter, and I feel like I am back on track. Thank you Leslie … I will go through your course again and again as I know there are deeper levels for me to apply.” - Tyler Watson, CEO Freedom Catalyst

Discover the true Source

“[It] helped me with a difficult time … The national retail company that I’ve been employed with for 20 years filed for bankruptcy protection … leaving 17,000 employees without a job, no severance pay and reduced retirement benefits… So the course was timely … it has helped me keep my attitude right and my focus on the fact that MY Source is not any company.” – Phillip Small

Incredible, worth recommending

“This program was incredible. … It was exactly what I needed. … I am looking forward to recommending it to my friends.” – Eva Doherty Gremmert

Simple, Yet Effective

“Simple, yet effective “… the lessons … were life-changing. It was so wonderful to be able to put into practice the principles of prosperity, and to have a basis to start from that was simple and yet so effective. It works!” – Miki Brewster

Significant Changes

“Have you ever felt called to do something … something that is so outside of your comfort zone that it scares you? And you hesitate, because you’re not certain what step to take first? I was in that place before I registered for the Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse. This course is the best first step to take, no matter what you are contemplating doing in life. As I read the books and lesson materials included ... and began applying these principles to my thoughts, I noticed significant changes in how I was able to handle the challenges of life, and in the results that started to show up. It started with little things—things that, if I hadn’t known the laws that are taught in Mindset Fundamentals, I would not have noticed. But because I knew what to expect, I was able to (gratefully) see the consequences of my new thinking. Those blessings continue to multiply and gain momentum in my life. I feel more confident now in the future because I know what to expect from the laws! I recommend this course to anyone, but especially to those who seem to be doing all that they can, and yet haven’t received the results they desire. This course is for you! Once you see the small tweaks you can make in your thinking to increase your results dramatically, you’ll become addicted (in a good way!) to obeying the laws. It all starts with setting a sturdy foundation through the Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse.” – Adele Marcum, QWholistic

A Welcome Change

“I have felt a mental shift inside. This has been a welcome change and one I’m thankful to have…. And you know, you’re right about just letting go. Once you do, you’re helped very quickly.” – Trishelle E.

New-Found Courage

“This course has opened up my eyes …[and] allowed me to finally stop trying to control everything …I am moving forward with a new-found courage … I don’t know how I would have [had] the hope of succeeding without knowing these laws—it is so empowering.” – Lance Shipley

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